November 18th, 2010

Very very early A-kon guest news.

For those of you who are planning on going to A-kon in Dallas during June, the newsletter just announced guest news that will be interesting for lolitas. A representative of Chantilly/Atelier-Pierrot will be coming to the convention. So far there is no news about panels, but if it's anything like H Naoto being at the con this past year, I'm sure there's going to be at least one big interview panel, and some kind of booth set up either inside the dealers room or right outside (H Naoto's was right outside the dealers room, which was AMAZING because the dealers room was quite crowded.) I think this is helping to cement my decision not to voulenteer this year, since I'd want to go to any of the panels they had. I missed the H Naoto one because of having to work the con during it.

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Can't recognize this replica

I found a dress I found cute over on ebay and was wondering what it was based on (and who else sells this replica). I think I might have seen something like this mentioned before, but I think it was from a different seller because i can't find it. It's being sold by seventeencastle17 on ebay.

Here's the link:


Quick Harry Potter Lolita help!

Hey egl, so tonight I'm heading to the midnight show for the new HP movie, and I was contemplating on what to wear, when I realized I might have the right stuff to do a quickie HP lolita. I have a black JSK that I'm thinking I can work with it, however there's a big pink and white applique on the front of the skirt that would not match my Gryffindor colors at all. I was wondering if maybe you ladies could help me think of a quick, creative way to cover it up? I do have some black and maroon fabric lying around that could be turned into something, as long as it's simple. The JSK I have a is a knock off of the Angelic Pretty Milkychan applique.

Please and thank you!

Lolita Tumblr: updated list

hey ladies, i am aware this post is not new stuff, but some time has passed and maybe there are some new Tumblrs out there, so i want you to post your so everyone can follow each other.
Post the link and a little description! :D

mines: personal. harry potter, lolita, lady gaga, random memes and cute stuff, fashion, alan rickman, etc. lolita based. art, pics, quotes, videos etc.

post away!

Live near Austin, TX? Free this Sunday?

(Sorry if this isn't allowed, but...)

The Dresden Dolls and Girl in a Coma are playing at La Zona Rosa in Austin this Sunday and I've got an extra ticket.  I'd love a loli-buddy to see the show with!  Anyone in the area want to go?  I am looking for compensation for the ticket, but it doesn't have to be money - I take art, love, and fruity drinks in trade!  I would super duper love if this helped someone who wouldn't otherwise get to go see this incredible show!

So here are the questions:  Do you live in or near Austin?  Do you like or want to see either of these two awesome bands?  Do you want to meet a new lolita and maybe even hang out with her?  Comment here or send me a message!

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