November 16th, 2010

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new brand? Sherry Baby

Just want to check with someone living in Japan, does Sherry Baby belong to Shirley Temple Co. (parent company)??

I've been noticing that Shirley Temple has stopped making their usual 150/160 series in their catelouges, and that Baby Ribbon no longer carries their items. Also Sherry Baby is sharing the same shop space as Emily Temple cute, but the sizing/cutting is more of Shirley Temple's. Both ETC Nagoya and Kyoto blogs have the new header-advertisement for Sherry Baby as well.... I'm seriously hoping this is so, because their key wonderland series is so so so cute!!



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Mai Shopping Service Shipping To US Answered


in behalf of Mai, she wanted me to tell everyone that she is okay to mail to the US. As quoted from my conversation with Mai in email,

"I can ship all packages to USA during that term due to business contract with japan post office." -Mai

I'm glad she can still mail to the US because I am expecting a package over the suggested weight limit the policy had passed.

I hope this answers everyone's question about shipping with Mai :)

Have a Good Day!

Possible bad news for Americans

This link was posted on one of my friend's LJ's-

"The PDF link is in Japanese so here's a general summary in English:

After Wednesday, November 17th Japan Post will not accept any shipments to the US if the total package weight exceeds 453g. The only exception is if you are a business with a monthly payment contract with Japan Post.

This new measure affects the US as well as US territories/possessions such as Guam and Saipan.

Apparently this is some sort of terror prevention measure."

So if any of you are buying from Japan, this could be a bit of a thorn in your side. Just a heads up.

Side note: Is anyone having trouble communicating with TaoBaoSpree? I e-mailed them with an order over a week ago and still haven't heard back. I know the owner is getting married and things are running a bit slow, but I'm cautious about sending money to people with bad communication...

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Lolita characters media?

Can anybody recommend any media to me that have main characters who wear Lolita, apart from "Kamikaze Girls", "Nana" and "Death Note"?

I'm sorry if this is a n00bisch question, but as I don't really know every Japanese manga/book/film ever made I'm sure I've missed something. ^^

You could list inspirational media too, like the "Marie Antoinette" movie ...but then I think you could also list every Rococo or Victorian drama ever made and we might even end up with "Pirates of the Caribbean" for inspiration for Pirate Lolita and I think it might slide off the point, but I'll leave that up to you. XD

Thanks in advance for any recs! ^__^
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Evolution of Boystyle

How about a Boystyle discussion? That always needs more love.

- Why do you think the boystyle is so much less popular than the girlstyle of lolita? Is it because there are less brand releases, or rather that the brands don't bother because there's no market? Does it have to do with gender issues? Or does it have to do with something essential to the appeal of lolita? (Or any other reason?)

- While Lolita has seen evolution as a fashion over the years, boystyle has remained very much the same (probably because there's simply not enough social energy behind it). What would you like to see more of in boystyle? What would you like to see change?

(Personally, I'd like to see inspiration taken from the 18th century instead of pageboy and Victorian stuff. Why aren't we dressing like this?)
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Petticoat annoyance. Is it them or me?

I'm a little annoyed by an order I made for two custom-size petticoats from a certain well-known site that has good reviews and seems reliable and non-scammy.

I paid my invoice on October 14th. The seller states on the site that all orders take somewhere between 2 weeks and 30 days, so, hopeful to have my pettis for mid-November (about now) I wrote an email on Halloween asking how far my order was.

I was then told that the supplier ran out of material and would only START making my pettis a week later, that being the first week of November. (I wish I had been given that information about an unexpected holdup without having to ask, and I also wonder how it can take so long for a service that makes petticoats to stock up on organza?)

I was told that the finish-by date for the supplier was apparently set for the 10th of November, and my pettis were supposed to be shipped out yesterday. I haven't had confirmation of that though.

Am I being overly impatient and this sort of slowness is normal with custom-made petticoats (by professionals, mind, not a private person!) or am I right to be a little peeved??

I need those pettis for photos and a fashion show so it's not just "I want it now, because!!!" but I actually need them, which I also told the seller. I know it's not their responsibility, but. v.v And technically it's now been 32 days, if they really were shipped yesterday, but I won't be pedantic about 2 days over the time stated on the website... right? :/ I guess I just feel like they're pushing it a little.
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Fun Makeup Brand for OTT/Sweet

I just found this makeup brand called sugarpill. There are some really sweet looking blends on the fanpage that I think would work awesome for OTT. I never see this at makeup stores, so I think it's one of those up-and-coming brands that you have to hear about somehow.

Facebook group where you can see photos of it being worn:
Edit: Here's a great review. Shows the colors on skin with really good lighting

I'm considering getting some loose makeup from there since that seems to be a little more wearable outside of loli. You can make them as subtle or as bold as you want. Seems comparable to Mac, but less expensive.



Okay so i have a question I'm fairly new to the Lolita world and i recently came in to some money and I'm excited to spend it on building my wardrobe!  I'm looking to buy a few pairs of shoes the problem is i have the worst proprtions ever i'm 5"3   and i have very small dimensions but i was cursed with large feet that are also a bit wide D: i wear a US size 10 witch makes it nearly impossible to find good Lolita shoes so here's where my questions come in. Where can i find larger Lolita shoes for the sweet Lolita styles? i really like tea party styled shoes but i cant seem to find them in a large enough size. What shoes do you wear and find comfortable ? that if anyone can answer this odd question xD

Another question i really want An*tai*na* Model 9238 shoes witch are the rocking horse  Style of shoes what is the cut out in the back for?(i know that must be dumb to ask)

any Help would be great!



OTT Dandy Art.

 In a thread earlier tonight, someone mentioned how awesome the notion of OTT dandy/ouji/boy style would be and I was inspired to draw some art! However, it quickly occurred to me just how hard it is to create an OTT outfit that doesn't slip into the realm of costume. >X D  So, I thought I'd share the two pictures I drew (in MS paint) and see what you guys thought and if you had any suggestions for more OTTP outfits. Its true that one could use sweet prints for the normal male clothing items (like using a doughnut print to make a frock coat) but, again, that to me comes off as a little costume-y. >X D; 
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