November 14th, 2010


Chicago Meet-Up Photo Post

Last month I arranged a meet-up at a tiki/karaoke bar for my birthday!
My good friend slithead was our ~Official Photographer~ for the evening, so we have some great photos!
A few of these are repeats from my daily_lolita post, but there are a ton of photos in here.
I... picked my 59 favorites... so really a ton. ;D

If I had known about the boat before planning the meet-up I'd have requested a sailor/pirate theme. XD

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A reliable Taobao Agent

I'm searching for a good and reliable Taobao Agent. I have in mind, since they dont charge Paypal fees, and when I calculate, they can be cheaper than other Taobao agents. Yet, I am not sure if they are reliable or not. Has someone already tried/purchased in TaobaoFocus? Would you love to share a review about this agent?

Or you use other Taobao Agents who charge cheaper fees? Would you like to share? thank you!

Help me identify this MM jsk ? :3

Hello !
I was browsing around Taobao to cure my boredom and came across this replica :

The picture is obviously stolen from Mary Magdalene, but I'm really curious as to the name of this dress.
It's not on their site anymore and I've checked Hellolace and Lolibrary, but I just can't seem to find it.

Can anyone help me out here ? c:
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LenxMiku, VOCALOID, cute

I only just joined today, but, questions.

I'm a fourteen year old who got into lolita through anime. Now, before you start throwing things, I'd like to say one thing I'VE BEEN LURKING. I've been looking around, through various blogs and this community, and I think I'm actually getting the hang of things.
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There we go- Some of my favorites. I'm only going to be able to afford one, and I want to make the right choice. So, there we go!