November 13th, 2010

Wrist Size

Hi everybody

So Im working on the last few pieces of my holiday collection which are going to be bracelets and I would like to know your wrist size so I can think of an average bracelet size to make.

also would you prefer maybe a 1 inch extender on the bracelet for larger wrist sizes?

or do guys think I should just do a basic bracelets and offer custom sizing?

any info will be helpful



questions and only questions

  Hi! I'm a new lolita, I guess - I've been into lolita since I was about 16, but I'm just this summer going to get my first pieces of lolita clothing, not counting a couple loli-able French Kitty JSKs.  I'm just stating this as background to my question, it's not an intro, no sir.

Age: 20
Location: Perth, Australia
Style: Broke-ass Kei, or Whatever I Can Afford Style (but if I was rich, sweet/classic)

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EGL autumn craft exchange: Shipping Deadline

Hello EGL!

For everyone that is participating in the craft exchange, PLEASE remember that
the shipping deadline is Monday, November 15th.
Please PM your partners for addresses and to make sure that you both send eachother's crafts out :)
When you have shipped your craft, please comment on this post saying something along the lines of "I have shipped my craft"

Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope you had a great time! I'll make a post a bit later next week where you can post photos of the craft you received :)



(no subject)

This was a video project I did last weekend. emerrly is featured in it wearing Angelic Pretty.

Our assignment was a 1 minute or shorter video based on the prompt "Machine" so I chose a wind-up doll. Music is from Kanon Wakeshima and sound effects are super cheesy ones I made in Logic. Haha.

Hope you like it (there is definitely much to be improved)

Human Machine from Cindy Chi on Vimeo.


Student Researching Lolita, Requesting Photos of Lolitas from United States For Research Paper

Hello Lolitas!

I am a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and I am currently working on a research paper about Lolitas in the United States for a class. For my paper, I have decided to focus specifically on Sweet Lolita and Gothic Lolita being worn in the U.S., as the young ladies I have had the opportunity to speak with dress primarily in these two types of Lolita.

Within my research paper I need to discuss one or two outfits of the dress I have chosen, so I will be choosing one Sweet and one Gothic Lolita look. However, since my research paper is about Lolitas in the United States, I thought it would be appropriate to use photos of outfits put together and or worn by Lolitas of the United States.

I know this is an odd request, but would any Lolitas of the United States that dress in Sweet Lolita or Gothic Lolita be willing to allow me to use a photo of themselves dressed in an outfit epitomizing what they feel is Sweet or Gothic Lolita dress? Or, perhaps a photo of an outfit laid out, hung up, or on a dress form?

This would not be posted online, you would remain anonymous if you of course desire, but I would give credit for the image in my bibliography (Even if you wish to remain anonymous, I would credit you with a username, pseudonym, etc.) The only people seeing these images would be a Professor of FIT and my class, as I need to present my paper in a PowerPoint presentation.

Please let me know if you would be interested, or if you know anyone from the United States who dresses in Sweet or Gothic Lolita that would be interested! If you have any questions regarding making sure I'm not some weird, creepy, untrustworthy and or suspicious person, feel free to ask!

Also, if you would be interested in answering a questionnaire for my research, I would be more than happy to email/send you the questions!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this! I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you!

- Lolita Researcher
momiji by [nks]

Shipment Open now. (edited) Notice for Package Shipment Stop from Japan to U.S

EDIT: Shipment is open again, Dec 1
read here

official notice from Japan Postal Office here (EN translation)
Original notice in Japanese:

Japan Post will be halting shipment of packages over 16oz (453g) starting NOVEMBER 17
As a general rule, the shipment restriction will be for packages that match ALL of the criteria below:
- addressed to US or US territories.
- service listed below
- over 16oz
- Payment method is NOT "deferred payment" (usually used by companies paid in bulk) or business "metered" (stamped packages are NG)

services affected:
航空通常郵便物 (normal Air Mail)
航空小包郵便物 (Air Mail parcel)
SAL通常郵便物 (SAL normal mail)
SAL小包郵便物 (SAL parcel)
国際スピード郵便物 (EMS)

news notes that commercial shipment from commercial "known shippers" will NOT be restricted.
(however, don't ask me who are "known shippers". Some companies are registered/validated by Japan Post)
Rose Quartz

3 months worth of Theme postage and Loli-inspired Wedding Gowns!

Seeing as I've missed September and October for theme posts and have been asked to put some pictures up of my Loli-inspired wedding gown designs, I've decided that I'd do a huge jumble post and get this month's theme out of the way, as well. Enjoy!

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