November 11th, 2010

etc: manga coloring ♥ kimono.
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newb halp

I'm super new at this, (still waiting for my first jsk to come in the mail...) and was looking for recommendations on blouses and panniers/petticoats. What do you favor in general when it comes to these staples in lolita, and what did you start out with?

I wanna invest in a removable sleeve blouse and a good petticoat, but my budget is terribly slim. Suggestions would be fabulous!

r: stock or good pictures for AatP Rose jail!

Hi everyone!

I'm searching for stock pictures or great pictures for the Rose Jail model from Alice and the Pirates. And an idea of the price that will be asked.

It's a really long shot, but It's been my dreamdress for so long, and I wish I can find one for sale, eventually....

Thank you!
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