November 10th, 2010


Gatehouse Gazette # 15 out now

Hello everyone

I'm happy to announce that the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette, our 15th, is available for your reading please via free online download here.

For those that don't know it: the Gatehouse Gazette is a wonderful online magazine about steampunk and dieselpunk that appears on the interwebs bimonthly.

This time we have a fashion article on steampunk lolita, established author Carol McCleary talks about Nellie Bly, we have pretty photos for you to look at, a piece on Halloween, a victorian paperdoll, an article about feminism and much much MUCH more!

So go ahead and grab a copy!

Do not be alarmed if you have missed an edition of this magazine, they are all available for free via this link.

Oh and guys, for our next edition we are still looking for photos of you in your finest steampunk or dieselpunk outfits!
Every edition our chief editor Nick Ottens choses one from all the photos send in and that photo will be published in the magazine.
So if you're interested: drop him a line with your photo in attachment on
Please only send in photos that you are allowed to use, we don't want any copyright infringement!
Also, we are always looking for new contributors too, so if you have an idea for an article, drop Nick a line :)

And because just text isn't cool, have a photo by the talented Noura Khenfi who did photography for this issue :)

Gatehouse Gazette shoot

November layout change and themes

Our beautiful artwork this month is by agalmatophiliac . You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt. Thank you to all who submitted! Want your artwork featured next month? Please check this post for info! If you would like to submit theme ideas, please check this post.

The General Theme for November is Base an outfit on your favourite poem/song/movie/game/character.
Got the perfect hat to make a lolita Link? Your favourite poem inspiring thoughts for an autumnal co-ordination? Let's show our love for our interests and make some inspiring co-ordinates!

The Aesthetic Theme for November is Animals.
Inspired by the banner artwork, this month we'd like to see anything related to lolita and animals. A photo shoot involving bunny ears, your new, I don't know...raccoon print skirt? Go for it!
Mini me

A Guide for Preparing for a "Con"

Hello fellow lolis! I'm excited to say that I'll be attending the PMX along with who-knows-how-many-others. So, I've decided to throw together a guide for preparing on attending one for first-timers or maybe even some second/third/fourth/fifth/infinite-timers! I've also posted this to my blog, so if you've read it on there as well, :O

The list is for things to get, pack or do up to a few weeks before.
So let's get started!
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yay pretty

Alice themed prints and coordinates

I am planning on doing a blog post about Alice themed Lolita outfits and prints, but I'm kind of less than knowledgeable about brand prints since I typically don't buy them, so maybe some of you can help? I am looking for Alice in Wonderland themed brand prints. Prints that are very obviously Alice and Wonderlandy, not just chess or card print prints or prints that simply have the name "Alice" in the title, but ones that have actual pictures of Alice on them.

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I know there is a huuuuge amount of Alice prints out there, so I'm not really trying to make a list of all of them, just some really obvious ones, but I can only think of a bunch of BtSSB ones and I would like some variation. Has AP ever put out an Alice print? It seems such an obvious thing for them to make a print of. 

I'd also love to see Alice themed coordinates :D Not necessarily people wearing Alice prints but the whole 'blue dress/striped stockings' sort of deal, only, it doesn't really have to be a blue dress.

Thanks in advance!
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Hors Serie: Lolita

Last night, was grand event for some of us Canadian Lolis as it marks (as far as I am aware of)  the first Canadian made documentary on lolita. It featured lolitas from the Quebec Community.
The video is now online and as far as I know it can be viewed anywhere. The video is in french
Here is the Video Link
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