November 9th, 2010


Australia Positive Newspaper coverage

Heads have been turning in Brisbane recently as a new fashion phenomenon, in which girls and young women appear to have stepped out of a Victorian doll house, takes hold.

The frilly outfits, giant bows and bloomers are part of an underground fashion movement called Lolita – no relation to the novel – and it started on the streets of Japan during the 1970s.

But it did not take hold in Brisbane until recent times, thanks in part to the internet and a growing interest in Japanese pop culture.

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While it's hard to calculate the size of the local Lolita population, more than 800 people are subscribed the "oz–lolita" LiveJournal community, with Brisbane-based posters among the most active.

Brisbane is Australia's 3rd largest city, about 3 million in the sprawl.
I live just beyond the western edge, my 13yo Daughter is Goth with Lolita leanings.

I didn't even know about oz-lolita until I read the article.

Quantity vs. Quality


I'm getting some money at the end of the year which I can spend however I like. I have a very limited lolita collection. So my question is do I buy a few brand items or buy a lot of offbrand and bodyline items to build up my collection?

*Edit* Thanks for everyones comments and advice. Its been really helpful. To clarify, my collection has just gone down two dresses coz my boobs don't fit into them anymore, so I practically have nothing. I'll buy all my staples (blouses, socks, shoes and the like) from Bodyline or Anna House and if I find a print I *squee* about in brand I'll buy that too. Thank you everyone!!
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Lolitas and if they have skin issues

Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Hello lolitas
The past couple of days I just broke out in some pimples and I was wondering how you girls deal with them if you get them. I always thought to be Lolita you had to be porcelain like a doll. But again I was curious if any of you had pimples and how you deal with them , is it ok to dress in Lolita even if your broken out. I hope this isn't a stupid question to Ask, if you guys feel it is please delete. I am just uber curios how the lolitas deal with these type of issues :)

Need help from someone fluent in japanese. Please!

I'm in the middle of a customer service nightmare with Bodyline and the mis-communication between me and them has gotten to a ridiculous point because I don't speak/write japanese. I tried using a translator site but it is not helping the situation at all.
I need someone who can write clear accurate japanese to help me communicate my customer service problem to them. Otherwise, I'm stuck in this email loop from hell that has been going on for a month.

What it comes down to is two items were missing when a group order package arrived over a month ago. Items that were definitely paid for. I'm obviously not ok with paying for a dress,etc that never arrived.

Help ?!!

Please don't reply telling me to open a paypal dispute. We opened one and got zero reply or help from paypal.
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Wig Questions

Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and didn't find anything, but custom google has failed me many times.
I ordered a wig from cosplay USA, and was wondering if anyone knew if it came with some sort of wig cap? If so is it any good or am I better off getting another one?
Also any tips for getting a wig to stay in place?
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