November 8th, 2010

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hawaii lolita rolecall!

 The rolecall posts must be getting annoying...but this long-time lurker wants to know if there's any Hawaii lolita out there, specifically Big Island ladies! I read about a couple of meet-ups in Oahu, but as you know, that's an ocean away, sooooo.

I just got my first dress, and was looking for help or any suggestions from experienced lolita...or just someone to hang out with so I don't feel so alone on this big rock. OTL

Bonus points if you have BJD! It can be a combo BJD + Lolita meetup, if we can find enough people!
Kim Myoung Jae

Really Nice stuff on Bodyline right now....

Hey, I thought Y'all might like to know that bodyline has some killer JSKs right now that are selling out rather quickly. I don't feel like I need to provide a link because everybody knows where to find them. Oh and some killer coats as well. I may host a group order if people are interested.

Bodyline is really stepping up their game. I used to never want anything from bodyline, and just buy brand all the time. I'm considering one of those coats if they will be warm. I don't know too much about bodyline coats though.
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Tokyo Rebel videos!

Hey everyone, we just wanted to let everybody know that we've started posting some videos that you might find interesting starring our helpful shop assistants!  For now they're mostly showcases of general styles and specific items that we have, but we do plan to do tutorials, coordination tips and more as time goes on.  This is just the beginning.

Here are the first videos from Tara talking punk Lolita (and some regular punk) and Megan talking about sweet, classic and gothic Lolita - and these are also embedded below.  If you missed it, Tara also recorded a Tokyo Rebel shop tour video a bit earlier, like the ones we posted from our Japanese brands over the summer.

Also, just a quick FYI - we will be on NHK World's Tokyo Fashion Express next month!  They were filming in our store on Saturday.  Wish we could have given you guys some notice so more people could have come down and been filmed, but we didn't know ourselves until Friday night.  We're not sure of the air date yet (and hopefully they make us look good!), but we'll probably let you know when we know.

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Matching help~

Howdy~ I don't know if this isn't the appropriate place to post this kind of question but please forgive me if it shouldn't be here ><;
I was wondering if this AP Jsk and this wig would match if accessorized properly, also how would they be accessorized?

Thank you!!

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North American Gothic & Lolita shops

Argh! I'm pretty sure there used to be a list of independent US shops in the memories, but I can't seem to find it! Honestly, I've been absent for so long that the memories look completely different to me ._.;

Most of the shops that I once knew of no longer exist. Sweet Rococo is the only one that I can remember off the top of my head that still does. Here are a few others that I'm able to come up with:
Candy Violet
Megan Maude
Gloomth and the Cult of Melancholy (they're Canadian so we might as well extend the list to all of North America)

Can you guys help me come up with a list of more? Does Excalibur Girls still exist?

Any stores that I should generally try to stay away from? I remember that a couple of independent shops used to have a lot of ticked-off customers, and maybe that's why those stores don't exist anymore.

Sorry for the n00bish question and thanks for your help!


My desktop was feeling a bit blahhh lately, so I've made some new lolita wallpapers! I'm on an AP kick, so they are both sweet Milky Planet themed. There are just 2 right now, but feel free to use either one (or both) if you like. If you post them elsewhere, please leave a link back to my blog, that's all. If people like these, I may make some more in different styles/sizes, so feedback is welcome!

Sweet lolita wallpapers
1680x1050, 1024x768 and 1280x960 (link is to my blog, the images are quite large)
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Sketch of a new logotype

I've been sketching over the weekend to come up with a new logotype that would work better with the name of my webshop. (Strawberry Teaparty) I came up with this, what do you think? It's still a sketch so the letters are a bit crooked but I will fix that if you think it looks good. :)

Lolita and Literature - Northanger Abbey

 Hey all! 

In contribution to this month's theme, I'd like to suggest Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. 

It isn't exactly Victorian, but its got a Gothic twist to it, rather unique for an Austen Novel. 

Catherine Morland is an atypical heroine - a little on the plain side(at first), ignorant and clueless about the world, and her parents don't care enough to educate her when she leaves the safety of her country home to the town of Bath.

After various adventures, scrapes and some heart break, she eventually winds up with the first nice gentleman she meets, and becomes wiser about how she chooses her friends. A sweet little story, with a happy ending (yay!) and it isn't very long so its rather easy to read! 



Art post+question

I read all the rules first..I apologize if I commit an error.
I ask this community..would this be an acceptable lolita dress, if I wear a blouse? I was thinking of having it custom made but..of course I want to know if it's OK first, and I know you folks would know..

Fingers crossed for working cut.

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the color is darker on this should be more gold-y and peanut butter cup browns. I may need to adjust the monitor I actually draw these on to take that into account..