November 7th, 2010

lolita sighting in minneapolis?

hi there! i was working this evening at a restaurant on lyndale ave. and saw two (two!) ladies who appeared to be in lolita walk by! (i was excited because i never see loli's in mpls) one was wearing a black and white headbow and a black coat and the other seemed to be wearing a light green floral print skirt and tan coat. (sorry i didnt get a better look but it was a quick glance) was this any of you? just a shout out from a excited closeted fellow loli... :)

pink and blonde?

 I wanna get this wig.
I'm absolutely in love with it. But I'm wondering if it will compliment my African skin tone. I'm a medium shade. I always liked pink and blonde hair but found it mainly on others with lighter shades of skin. I kinda don't wanna spend my money and be disappointed if I don't like it. Has anyone in the lolita community tried this mix? One of my shade or darker? It also helps for others comments and advice. Thanks ahead of time. 

Oh dear, I need help to identify...

I'm looking to buy my first lolita dress and I've fallen in love with the one in this photo: It's by Metamorphose but I can't see it on their current website. I hope no-one minds my posting & maybe someone could help me to identify it? Thank you!

(P.S.: 'Select tags' window isn't working properly now, so I will finish that later on ^^)

Art post~!

Okay, I felt comfortable enough after the banner contest was posted (have had my art and/or style stolen in the past, sigh..) to ask for comments/critiques of my work, since my name was officially posted next to it c: it was so hard, I wanted to post so bad xD;

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