November 6th, 2010


Hi everybody

I would like to invite you all to the 1st deco_den community contest . You can find the info for it over HERE

I will be giving away some deco craft supplies as well as accessories. I will even customize the accessories prize pack for sweet,gothic,classic styles. You can read more info on that on the post.

Since deco items are popular as well in lolita I thought it would be a fun contest to invite you guys to. Hope to see lots of you enter the contest.

If you have any questions just let me know and I"ll be glad to answer them.

Lolita Fenris

This is my last coat question, I swear.

Edit: I've decided not to get the coat because it does indeed use real fur. I had thought that because it was a low cost, that it would be fake fur. I'm sorry that I sounded hypocritical, I did not mean to sound that way. I don't want this to turn ugly, because the real fur/fake fur dispute is really touchy. Even for me. Thank you for your replies and time. :]

I'm sorry to bother everyone in the lovely EGL community (again) but I'm so picky and indecisive on picking out a coat. I finally found one that I reaaaaaaalllly have my heart set on, but I'm not sure if it's using real fur. Can EGL help a poor loli out? DX

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