November 5th, 2010

(no subject)

 I realized today that my petti-coats deflated 
 I'm so super limited on cash right now cause I'm buying 2 tickets for Disneyland and that's all of my money *poof*  And me being dumb dumb that I am, I'm buying another bodyline dress *stupid cherise, stupid*
Anyways, that's just and update 

What I was meaning to ask is;
What is the difference between a JSK and a regular dress.

for those of you teasing me about my jumping subject, I'd like to say that I was implying where to ask where to buy petticoats that aren't really expensive. I apologize for that. Also I was just confirming what I thought about JSK's because I didn't exactly know what it stood for. It seems like a lot of you are typical lolitists with no manners.