November 4th, 2010

wonder party

a photo request...

hello everyone!
i'm hoping to post a want to buy soon for shoes, but i'd love to get some inspiration first ^^
i'm looking for photos of sweet coords with black shoes~ mostly dresses that don't have black in them, cuz that's what i own ;)
i wear a lot of sweet, and i've been offered a pair of shoes i want in black, but i'm unsure of how to coordinate them if i did get them ^^'
thanks for your help! <3

Rather strange question... *solved, thank you*

well, solved unless someone has some groundbreaking discovery. I think I'll buy the first one with my own money, and maybe beg for the other one for Christmas ^.^ (If not maybe I can raise money for it before it goes out of stock)

I know most people are just going to say "it's all a matter of personal taste," but I've just been agonizing over picking a dress to buy for a long, long time, and I'm scared by the time I choose they're going to be sold out -_-.
I only have 2 dresses that I'm choosing from,

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Ero Lolitas!

Hello fellow fluffy bottoms, I've always thought ero was something interesting to try, but have not seen many loli's doing it. Is it one of those sub themes like pirate lolita? Any who, if you have any pics of yourself or anyone dressed in Ero 'erotic' lolita, LEMME SEE!!!