November 3rd, 2010

  • pinkiwi

Sanrio's 50th anniversary event starts on PMX weekend

Hi all! I was at JapanLA earlier today and checked in on their blog just now.

I know Sanrio is not lolita.. but it does have some influence of Japanese pop culture...?

There is a HUGE Sanrio 50th event planned for Nov. 12 - 21 at Santa Monica! Starting the same weekend as PMX! It sounds like a massive playground with parties, games, mascot photo-ops, gallery installations, and artwork (take a look at their artist line up!). Anyone planning on going? Most events are free. I heard there were a lot of volunteers-- anyone from this community?

JapanLA blog

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  • daiin

Suggestions for a new name!

Hello all fellow lolitas! <3 A while back I started a webshop and named it Strawberry Teaparty, which I thought sounded cute.
But I have come to realise that people instantly think that I am selling tea and not Lolita clothes and accessories! I am quite at a loss, it will need a new name.

The names I have been considering are Strawberry Princess or Strawberry Maiden. Do any of you have any suggestions that would be adorable? <3 I would be most grateful!
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