November 1st, 2010

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Giveaways and Discounts!

A while back I posted a link to a friend's website that makes and sells scented jewelry. A lot of you guys left some good feedback and suggestions, and I went to her with your comments/concerns. She wrote me a message to post to this comm, with a special little offer for all of you interested in her jewelry, so please look behind the cut for information! <3

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Brand Socks - Do they hurt big feet?

I really do like all the designs brands have on their socks, and because I'm tall to begin with I'd need OTK socks just to get knee high socks, I can't do Secret Shop socks. But my issue is that I also have big feet. Size 10.5 US, 26.5cm. And I know that since the socks are made for Japanese, they might be too small from toe to heel on me? I'm not sure if they would end up cramming my toes and hurt, or they would just wear out too fast from being overstretched. BUT I wasn't sure, so I thought I'd ask on here. Any girls with large feet (like size 9-11) that wear brand socks? How do they fit you?
My favorite brand is Innocent World, but it would be nice to hear about any brand socks, what the brand is, what your shoe size is, and how they fit you. Before I consider buying any, I wanna know if they'd totally squish out my feet or not!

Edit: My calves at the widest point are 15", my thighs right above the knee are 16.5", mid-thigh is 18.5-19", and my thighs at the widest point are 21~22". Would this be okay? How wide are some of your ladies' calves that the socks still feel okay?

Lolita + Scooter = ?

I love dressing as a Lolita every day if possible but my main mode of transportation is a scooter (a Tank Urban Sporty Scooter to be precise)
I have full protective gear (i.e. helmet, gloves, jacket) but my main concern is my petticoat, I don't want to be riding down the street and all of a sudden it flies over my head.

Any suggestions other than carrying around a change of clothing?

Thank you :3

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What are some good Etsy sellers for Lolita? I also have one to share ^ ^

What good etsy sellers are there for lolita? I like to support talented people whenever I can. Some of them are trying to start their own label and this is a great way to help out.

Things I'm looking for are wigs, classic/sweet blouses, bracelets and hair accessories.

I also have one to share with you that I just found out about today. Ittybittybirdie has some of the sweetest accessories!


Company Halloween party outfit

 Hello, everyone. I'm a first-time poster/sharer on egl. I hope this is okay. ^_^" 

My company held a costume party for Halloween, something which hadn't happened in quite a while. I decided to dress in Gothic Lolita for the event (and a first time too!), and set to making my outfit a month before the event. (Sadly, I got sick for the first two weeks, so not a lot of productivity there.) I decided to base my outfit on one of Atelier Boz's creations, and coordinated that with a peasant top, black tights, and a pair of granny shoes.

By the time the entire ensemble was finished, I could list down things I wished I'd improved or done differently, but I think the most important thing is that it was finished, and all the pieces too. *sigh*

Everything, with the exception of my undies, tights,and shoes, were made by myself.

Caveat: I am what some people might call a fatty-chan, a BBW, or, as a good friend puts it,  "a woman of substance".  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy your perusal. Collapse )
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Alice & the Pirates x Kuroshitsuji

Earlier this year, the Kuroshitsuji musical 'The Most Beautiful Death in the World' was staged, but only recently has the DVD been released.

The costumes were a collaboration with Alice & the Pirates, and lolitas might spot a few familiar outfits!

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