October 31st, 2010

What? Another lolita blog?

 Hi everyone!

If you're interested, I've started a new lolita blog - the focus is on what it's like being an ordinary human being in a fashion full of unachievable ideals, and how to learn to love yourself and the fashion regardless. I hope it will be helpful and inspiring to people!


I'm still in the process of organising the layout and so on, but I'll be updating at least once a week.

Hope you're all having a lovely Halloween!
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Some pics at OIOI

Just came back from a short trip to Tokyo and I tried to sneakily snap the usual loli display photos inside OIOI and Laforet, haha~ But I always get nervous that a staff would stop me and I did get caught this time, oops =X A Kera shop staff very nicely asked me not to take the Moitie mannequin display (and she even stood by politely and waited until I deleted that particular shot, lol)~

Also, just wanna say hi to the fellow lolita I bumped into at Shinjuku sanchome station via the Fukutoshin line on 20th Oct! She said she was on holiday as well from the United States and was wearing the cutest ensemble which I loved at first sight. I normally feel too self-conscious and awkward to stop fellow lolitas to say a hello but she was so cute that I couldn't resist this time! Also, she had a kodona accompanying her who was also very, very well-put together =D She did mention she's not on the egl comm actually but in case anyone who knows her who is on the comm, prs help me tell her hi?

Here's what I managed to snap~ Apologies for some pics which turned out blurry =( Guilty disposition plus wrong lenses = shaky hands!

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