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The EGL Community
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October 29th, 2010 
kozi awesome
two people have cancelled
There are two open spot now, if anyone wants to go please comment and then send me an e-mail of your name, username, and costume please.
 email me here: Porcelainempress@yahoo.com

Thank You
12:02 pm - help please!!!
I'm going to new york in spring. So I was wondering are there any lolita stores in newyork or any lolita related stores. It would really help ,thanks!♥
Default // cryogenic
Here's an opinion question I haven't seen discussed.

Which do you prefer: detatchable waist ties, or ones sewn into the seam?

It occurs to me because I've seen a number of people express strong dislike for sewn-in ties, which really surprised me, because I tend to prefer them for their strength. (People have differing opinions than mine?! IMPOSSIBLE.) I appreciate the concept of detatchable ones for cleaning purposes, but even the most expensive brands seem to have serious difficulty attaching a button properly. I ususally fix them on better, but I'm still afraid of pulling them loose and losing a button.

So how about it? I wonder if there's a general preference for one over the other. Is it something that just irks you, or does it make or break the dress?

(Something we can ALL agree on: one-sided fabic used for ties...how frustrating is THAT?)

Last reminder post for the meet tomorrow!

We're going to the Pumpkin Festival in Central Park :3
Gathering time is at 11:30a-noon at the park entrance on 72nd and 5th Avenue! From there we'll be trying to get into some of the attractions going on-- hopefully we will, the Pumpkin Festival is a pretty popular event.

Also, I had previously said that we were gonna eat in the East Village at Pangea, but there is interest for karaoke too, so we might just go to Japas 27 for their lunch+free karaoke special xD Let me know what you think of this idea, but otherwise we'll talk about it tomorrow at the meet as well.

Hope to see ya'll tomorrow! ♥
Hello all! I've bought this jumper-skirt (in yellow) and am waiting for it in the mail - does anyone have pictures of this worn? I'd love some ideas about how to coordinate it as I've never worn much yellow before. I'd like to wear it with a fairly OTT sweet look, but more toned-down sweet is good too :) 

Thanks everyone!

just wondering, maybe a print you want to own or trying a new style? My goal is to own at least one brand border print skirt or dress ^.^  and maybe a wig and some pink and blue shoes.

tell me what your goals are...

(I know there must have already been a post about this but I swear I looked through 15 pages of the search function before posting. xD; )

So the past two years at the lolita panel when we mentioned YES, there are rules/guidelines whatever you want to call them we've had some girl go "Well how do you have any room for creativity with these rules?" Since I don't want to hear it again I want to have a little section with pictures of some girls being creative without breaking these rules.
Please share pictures of creative coordinates! I remember a girl a long time ago put a bird's nest on her head and I'd love to have that picture if you have it.
Hello ladies <3 i would like to remind you i'm making a giveaway. you have time until sunday! ! you can read more here  but basically i want you to comment in the entry and tell me which one is your fave coord, and why.(something you've worn, not a dream coord) (lolita or not)
i hope you join!
thank you everyone for the support <3

I remember reading an article on a blog about 6 months ago, it was giving tips on how to date a loli. I'd like to find for one of my guy friends who has a crush on a girl in our local community. Anyone remembers where that was posted?
Apparently for one of the VAMPS Halloween lives this year, Japanese singer HYDE [lead singer of VAMPS, L'Arc~en~Ciel, and his own solo work, HYDE] wore a sort of lolita. There are no pictures yet, but fanmade sketches and illustrations suggest that he looked like this:

~Image under cut~Collapse )
I've been really curious about this lately, and would like to ask everyone here what their idea of a lolita lifestyle is. *looks forwards to comments* ^^""
Hello lovely Lolitas :3 !

I'm sorry to ask you for an other annoying stock photo request but... do you have the stock photos of the black and gold version of the Divine Cross ?
I search on Lolibrary, hello lace and flickr but I can't find them T__T...

Thanks in advance ^_^ !
Which AP prints have glitter on them? I know Miracle Candy and Sugary Carnival do, but I don't know of any others.
Does Happy Garden have glitter?

Sorry if this has been asked before-- I checked the search function and it didn't come up with anything.
Could someone tell me the length from the shoulder seam to the waist seam, the measurement from shoulder to shoulder, and the circumference of the top of the sleeve (bicep) Thanks! :D
11:49 pm(no subject)
harry potter
a very quick quick question!

I've been looking at dresses on closet child, and the measurements for the bust are all in the 16ish inch busts.. I've never seen any busts that small! is that the full measurement or am i missing something? o_o
is that the underbust? am i supposed to double it? i'm confused! ahahah

(by the way, if that is the full measurements of the dress, and it's just a super small dress, i apologize for my ignorance!)
Slytherins - We&#39;re just misunderstood
I know it's kind of last minute to ask, but are any lolitas going to the Rally to Restore Sanity and Keep Fear Alive in Washington DC tomorrow? I'm going by myself, and it'd be nice to have some other girls to hang out with. (I'm also bringing tea, meringues, and a sign that says "Taking the Tea Party back, one cup at a time", which would probably have a more amusing effect if there was more than one person 8D)
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