October 28th, 2010

Bats Day pumpkin 2008

Bats Day update 10-27-10 2011 Event info: NEW EVENT Happy Haunts Swinging Wake and more!!

Bats Day update 10-27-10 2011 Event info: NEW EVENT Happy Haunts Swinging Wake and more!!

Happy Halloween Everyone,

We hope that this weekend will be filled with fun and fright for everyone. Before Halloween hits us, I just want to tell you some very exciting news about the 2011 Bats Day in the Fun Park events. Some of the events at the hotel have changed up and we hope that you are as excited about this new event as we are.

In this update you will find the following:

- Press Release: Bats Day in the Fun Park Celebrates Its 13th Annual Event, and the Spirits, Ghosts and Ghouls are Taking Over this May 2011! The announcement of The Bats Day Happy Haunts Swinging Wake™: A Costumed Celebration

- The 2011 Bats Day official hotel is available for booking your room for the 2011 events

- Vending applications are now being accepted for the 2011 Bats Day Black Market
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Once again thank you for reading this update.
Have a Happy Halloween and Stay Spooky
~Noah K.

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Bats Day in the Fun Park Weekend 13
May 2011 - Details coming soon.

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Milanoo. Again.

My blog, Part Time Lolita, has been dead for a while now, but someone has been reading the old articles. A friend of mine alerted me this morning to a suspiciously familiar post on Milanoo's blog.



If you go down to the "Apple Shaped" section the wording is almost exactly the same. They just switched and changed a few words around and changed the picture to one of their blouses to try and promote their product.

I've left a comment but it's "awaiting moderation" and they'll likely delete it so there won't be any evidence of their plagiarizing. Is there anything else I can do? Yeah, my blog is dead, but I worked hard on that article and this is crap.

Edit: I've sent a message to blog.com, where their blog is hosted, about my stolen content and the content stolen from lolitafashion.org. I'm awaiting their answer and will keep you updated. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and support.

Edit2: It seems blog.com has taken them down! Hurray for small victories. Milanoo has a lot more blogs out there that have taken content from other sources. If you are able to, I suggest you report them to whatever hosting service they are using if there is one, and maybe we can knock some more of their blogs of the net.

Fake eyelashes

Hello everybody! Hope it's ok to ask here, I was wondering if anybody could help explain to me how to get false eyelashes on? I've tried putting them on twice now and every time I do it, the glue goes everywhere, the lashes don't stick, and then I have horrible sticky sore eyelids for the rest of the night. I do everything it tells me to do on the packet but I can never get them on right! They always seem to end up in the wrong position too! 

How do you make them stay on and look good? They're so pretty!

- EDIT -
I just tried putting the lashes on, taking into consideration all your wonderful advice. I got them on ok, but the glue seems to really irritate my eyes! Does anyone else find they get sore eyes and eyelids when they try to wash off the glue? I used warm water and a hypoallergenic eye-makeup remover. I want to wear them but if it's going to damage the skin around my eyes I'm worried!
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Looking for a model in NYC

Good evening EGL!
I’m a photography student at FIT in NYC and am looking for a model to work with for my next assignment. The assignment is to create an environmental portrait (a non-studio portrait) of an individual and my concept is to photograph a lolita in a somewhat ”grungy” location to contrast the beautiful, meticulous clothes with their environment.

As far as styles, I’m thinking of something along the lines of classic gothic but am open to ideas (though I’d prefer to stay away from sweets prints).

The location is on 34th st between 9th and 10th ave (near the Jacob K. Javits convention center).
Saturday afternoon around 4:30-5 would be my ideal time to shoot but Monday at the same time would also work (I need to have the film developed on Tuesday). Apologies for the short notice ^-^’

A note: I will be photographing this with black and white film

Examples of my previous work can be found on my website here

Thank you!

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Giveaway /o/

I am currently hosting a "100 followers giveaway" on my blog and you all are very welcomed to take part! :)


The prize is one of two very adorable fluffy bow hats that will look super cute with autumn/winter lolita coordinates and other fashion styles!

Click here to find out more about the giveaway! ;D

PS: Mods please remove this if it is not allowed thank you.

www.kawaiiism.com ->copy and paste this in case the link doesn't work
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Buying from Ebay

Ebay sellers who sell knock-off brand dresses seem to have a really bad reputation. I found that there are a view who indeed have a very bad reputation, like Momo, but that one is gone now. So how about the rest? Has anyone ever bought a lolita dress from stores like kawaii88 and cosplay007? How was the quality? Because the feedback on ebay generally is very good. So maybe buying something from ebay as a closet filler isn't that bad?
Share your thoughts ^^