October 27th, 2010

Art by Shiho Enta.

Filming on the 31st of October at London MCM expo

 Hello everyone!
On Sunday the 31st of October I will be filming at the London MCM expo
I was wondering who will be there on that day in Lolita and if you would be interested in being involved in my small production?

I need 5 speaking parts and a group of lolitas (no speaking, just standing around) for the last scene.
  • Main part. I would like for this person to be OTT. Angelic pretty prints/fake hair/circle lenses etc.
  • Two girls who are with the main character all the time like bodyguards...I would perfer them in Gothic lolita
  • One Girl to dress in what we deem as 'ita' (k.star brand, bad lace, leg warmers)
  • One person to say a line from the group
  • People to be in a group.

Please comment if your interested in being in this and I'll pm you more details. Can you also state if your interested in a speaking part/which part from the list.
Thank you for reading!

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F+F Tender Fleece

Hi everyone..
I'm looking to order this dress from FanPlusFriend :
However.. the material is described as "Tender Fleece" and I have no idea what this actually is.
Does anyone know what "Tender Fleece" actually is ?  How is it different to cotton ?
I'm really confused so any help would be really appreciated.
Thank you

lolita vanity

How to Save a Sock

My white knee-high socks, which I got from Target, were a bit dirty, so I threw them in the wash. They got clean all right, except now they are tinted the lightest shade of grey! Only I would notice the change, but I'm a tad upset at myself. Is there a way to make them whiter?

Name this Dress...Answered!

 I hate to bother everyone once again...but I seem to randomly find prints and then can't find the name to them.  

I know (well I'm 85% sure) that this is a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress but I can't find the name of it, I've tried the Lolibrary and the stock images on flickr but no luck. Does anyone happen to own this dress and/or knows it's name?
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Thank you in advance! (I would tag this but the tags don't show up for me.. continuous loading...anyone else have that issue?

Ramenstand wig experiences?

I'm looking to join the Ramenstand wig GO run by tokidokiko .  Neither (s)he nor ramenstand have a feedback page, so I was wondering if anyone has gotten a wig or fringe through them and had any advice to give.  I'm particularly looking to hear about the quality of the wig as well as the trustworthiness of the seller.  Any help would be much appreciated!

Halloween is less that 4.5 days away!!!

So, who all here are using Halloween as an excuse to wear loli this weekend? For the first time in four years I'll get to dress up at work for Halloween, so I've decided to take the opportunity to wear loli, since I don't get to very often anymore what with retail picking up for the Christmas season. So who else is joining me? *blinks* Why does that last sentence seem grammatically incorrect?

EDIT: Just realized that I forgot to put in what I'm wearing! Do'h! Since I work at a toy store I have to keep my outfits kid friendly. Saturday I'm just going to wear a coord with my Baroque pony skirt and black cutsew, but for Sunday I'll be wearing my Meta Cat Print with some nice white cat ears. I'm not really wearing lolita as a costume, but using 'we get to wear a costume' as an excuse to wear lolita. If that makes sense.