October 26th, 2010

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Just a tip about searching for posts!

Hey everyone,

In the latest LJ_news it has been mentioned that you can now look for people's posts in a community by using this nifty code:

http://community.livejournal.com/egl/?poster=laviefantasque [Using my own username as illustration]

So next time you are looking for a post and you remember who but not when, this might help! Just thought I would mention it. I'm also going to post this in daily_lolita where I think this will be especially handy? Enjoy!
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Mary-Janes on a Budget? EDIT: HELPED!

Hello fellow lolitas!

I'm afraid, that while I'm still rather new, I have no shoes to wear. I am currently sewing much of my starting wardrobe and I am excited to just be starting my first OP! However, I am attending an event within a week or two and I need a good pair of shoes.

I've searched the memories and just done a search but I couldn't find anything on cute, affordable loli shoes. Now, I know that there's Bodyline, but what with paying $30-$45 or more dollars on just the shoes and then around $20 or more extra for shipping, that's a little too steep for me right now.

I've browsed Payless but everything looked too casual or the heels were too high and thin. I also have a few things to point out. I would prefer if I could get them within a week, so please nothing international. Also, my dress that I will be wearing requires white shoes.

Thanks for the help!
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Alice Fururun help?

Hello! I only usually lurk here but I need some help this time! :)
On 10/21 I used the shopping cart from Alice fururun to buy a few things and got a confirmation email right away. I haven't heard anything back about shipping for a few days so I sent another email on 10/24 asking about shipping, but today is 10/26 and still nothing @__@ anyone know why they would be taking so long? ;___;
thank you for your help ;)

BBW Lolita Pics?

I would love to see anyone who is plus size wearing the Lolita style of clothing. I went back a few pages and didn't see any posts of this nature so I am hoping that if you are a bigger girl with pics on your journal that I can take a peek. All the pictures that I have seen are of littler girls and as a larger woman I want to see some of the opposite :)


Metamorphose VIVRE Kobe Shop Adress

Would anyone happen to know the mailing address for the Meta store in the VIVRE shopping center in Kobe, Japan?

I was able to find Innocent World's address, which is right across from the Meta store, maybe I could modify it?

Innocent World
Kobe-shi, Chuo-ku Sannomiya-cho
1-5-26 Sannomiya VIVRE 6F

Anyone have it? Thanks for your help ^_^

Milky Planet Inspiration

I'm looking for Milky Planet coord inspiration! Tried the search function, google, etc, all that good stuff and didn't really come up with much. Can anyone help me out? I have the yellow skirt, but I'm really looking for any photos of coords, be it skirts or jsk's in any of the colors. I realize coords are mostly confined to daily_lolita, but I know I'll probably get a lot more responses here. Thanks in advance for any help! :)

Help? Cosmates likely to have a sold out bodyline item?

I've been putting off ordering this skirt from bodyline for weeks now, and of course as soon as I went to order, SOLD OUT. So upset, as I need it for November.

Since you have to hide images behind a cut on the sales forum, I assume I'll have no luck in posting a WTB the skirt has no name besides L120.

Cosmates has the skirt listed, but they say :
"We usually stock this product after you ordered. Therefore, we are occasionally unable to ship the product. If this is the case, we will refund your payment immediately. Please check Availability in the chart below."

I really don't want to have to pay for the item, them tell me it's sold out, and then have to wait for a refund and STILL have to figure out how to get ahold of the skirt.

So, TLDR: Is it likely that a skirt sold out on bodyline will be available on cosmates? I really don't want to waste my time and get my hopes up for nothihng :/

Thanks girls!
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Stock photo request: Juliette et Justine's "Le profil d'une dame" top

Okay, so I've used every tactic I have up my sleeve to try to locate the stock photos for Juliette et Justine's Le profil d'une dame top, to no avail. Not even a search through the wayback machine could produce said photos; tiny or broken images were the only results.

In my desperate hour, I turn to you, egl. Does anybody happen to have stock photos for the JetJ top below?