October 24th, 2010

Artists similar to Kanon Wakeshima?

 I've had Still Doll for a while, but just downloaded her new album and the rest of the old one. I adore all of it. I was wondering if anyone knew/ could recommend other songs that have that same kind of sound? I'd prefer japanese or english but, hey, whip out whatever. It's a change from all the US rock type stuff i have.
i have a few things of emilie autumn and iruma rioka too.

Thanks for reading!

New items of older series.

Back again all too soon, but I figured I'd not mix newly made series with older designs. So today I post new items of the jewelry series that were posted before. Once again it'll be more interesting to classic or sweet lolitas, though soon enough I'll once again cater to the gothic ladies.

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Washing Milky Berry (white and mint)

Hi, Milky Berry owners: any of you successful in hand washing or dry cleaning this print? I heard that this print runs in water like crazy. My cousin and I have white and mint JSK respectively and we are afraid to wash them. Because the fabric swatches that came with our dresses didn't have much red part in it (mine had none at all), we put her tote bag in cold water and it came out pink.. D:

I was only able to find these two semi-related posts:

I also checked this thread, but it's not listed there:

Thanks in advance.

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Lolita Wedding Dress & more


I've seen other posts where people inquired about "lolita wedding dresses" so I would like to share mine with you, as well as some other cute details.

My favorite dress is the original BtSSB Pockets Embroidery JSK in cream. I always feel great when I wear it, so I decided to have a more formal, full-length version of that made in silk for my wedding.

This is the original dress:

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Need help locating a hime-cut wig

I'm looking for a wig that's already hime-cut styled or if that's not available, one that is suitable for me to cut/style myself.

I looked through the memories and searched the community but wasn't able to find what was thinking of so I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction.