October 22nd, 2010


Reliable Taobao third party agent?

I have my eyes set on this pair of shoes, and initially I thought I could just order directly from the site. I can read Chinese, but when I tried to register my mailing address, the website keeps saying there's a problem with my address (despite the fact that I chose 'overseas').

A quick search online also revealed that I would have problems paying for a Taobao item unless I have a credit card linked to a China bank.

So I guess I'll have to rely on a third party Taobao agent. The problem is, there are a few of them out there and I wonder which are reliable? Have you ordered through any of them before? Any recommendations or reviews?

Thanks! =)

ATTN: Bay Area Lolitas - PRODUCTION SHOOT: November 6, 2010


I posted maybe a week or two ago in regards to doing a production shoot at the Crown & Crumpet Halloween tea party. Unfortunately, the shoot was cancelled, However, I would still like to set-up a meeting/gathering to shoot people who are in the community. If you feel comfortable being apart of the production on November 6, 2010 at 12noon please contact me ASAP.

Last semester, I did research on the Lolita subculture and some of the ladies in the subculture who live in the bay area were able to give me in-depth answers to my questions. I'm a radio and television (BECA) major at San Francisco State University and I have a magazine style interview that I'm proposing to shoot for a production class this semester. I would like to go beyond the research I did for another class last semester and get get some b-roll and interviews from members in the community. If your interested please let me know. I have to propose the story to the class on Tuesday, October 5, 2010. (UPDATE! The project got picked this semester to be produced).

The crew is interested in staging the meet-up at someones house. However, if that is not possible I was also thinking of doing the gathering at SF state, by the waterfall between Burk Hall and the Fine Arts Building or on top of the Med center. Basically, this will be used to give an example of some of the things you all engage in when you come together.


November 6, 2010 - Lolita Meet-Up @2:00pm
- On the day of the meet-up basically, we will be getting some b-roll shots of your outfits, maybe a few soundbites. and we might ask a few questions. ex. Who in the Lolita community influences you? What is your style of choice? How did you get into and/or hear about the Lolita subculture. The questions will be basic, for the most part we will just be getting shots of everyone in their outfits, together and possibly engaging in one of the activities that you all enjoy doing when you meet-up with one another.

We also, have a few other dates but for the most part we are looking to replace the shoot that was cancelled with this production on Saturday, November 6, 2010 @ 12noon.

Also, I need a little help with inviting Lolitas whom will feel comfortable on camera at the meet-up gathering. If you know anyone please spread the word and let them know about the production and I will get them the additional information

Thank you again
and I hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions for me
please let me know. I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Michelle Peacock
(323) 363-2047


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Fashion Museum Contest Winning Entry.... Lolita?

There's a really interesting blog by the FIDM Museum (not sure what the letters stand for off the top of my head). A while back they had a redesign contest where the inspiration piece was an 1872 fuchsia day dress. Well, today they announced the winner, and guess what current fashion it just so happens to share a striking resemblance to. I really don't think it could be coincidence, though the article doesn't specifically mention lolita or japan.

I thought that this was pretty awesome and also I wanted to share a really great blog with everyone. It talks about clothing from all different decades and eras. Some are more recent, but there are lots of older pieces that work well for lolita inspiration. I especially love how they work to put the fashions into social context for their time periods.

Edited to include some of my favorite blog articles

Here's some interesting ideas for hair accessories:
Paper Headress

A great reason Wa and Qi loli can fit in more with the loli aesthetic:
Kimono Dressing Gown

Since winter's coming up, here's an interesting new idea to keep warm, lol
Quilted Petticoat