October 21st, 2010

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ETC measurements?

I've been looking around all through egl_sales and everywhere else... and I can't seem to find the answer to this question!

Does Emily Temple Cute make dresses with bigger busts? I'm talking like 38in/96cm.
I've fallen madly in love with their dresses but all the dresses I've found have all been tiny. :(

I've been having a hard time finding dresses with this bust size. (not only in emily temple cute) ;_______________;


Quality Help: Fan Plus

So I've been wanting a good coat to go with my sweet lolita gear and Fan + Friend seems to have an abundance for a good price. I've never bought from them and wanted to know what you ladies think of over all quality of the brand/merchandise. Not looking for a "costume" coat. his will infact be my winter coat on most days even when I'm not dressed in lolita!

Lolita updo for very long hair?

I live in a very hot and humid climate...

Actually I had waist-length hair, which got really damaged so I cut three inches off it and now it hangs just below my bust.

But it's too hot to let it down and besides, my daughter loves to pull on it.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a cute lolita updo that you can do with hair of this length? I don't feel like cutting it shorter...I've gotten used to it... >.<
Chi Ponders

Coordination Question for a Certain Print

Does anyone have the Merry Making print in Navy? How are you coordinating it? I have only seen the navy worn on the Kera ad and the model has white based socks. Mine are navy.

It would be easiest to wear black shoes/blouse with it so I don't have to buy new accessories. I also have a pink blouse, but I have no pink shoes. Will that match or......what color shoes/blouse should I get for it? It has so many colors in it, you would think you could match it with any.
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Coordination help

I bought APs cake shoes in black to go with a skirt I already own and was wondering if anyone had any pictures of outfits involving these shoes. They fit so well and are so comfortable I'd love to be able to wear them more but I'm finding choosing socks and such kinda difficult.

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Thanks for your help ^.^
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Tomorrow will be the last day to confirm you attendance to this meetup! Those who are already coming please don't forget you candy & contact information if i don't have your number or you don't have mine 

Date? October 23rd 2010
Where are we going? Historic Black Creek Pioneer Village & Pacific Mall afterwards
What Time? Meet @ 11AM!
Cost? 15$ (save 15% w/ 20 people or more!) (STUDENT: 14$)
Activities? Halloween Hootnanny & Gourdfest. Perfect location for historical shots! Shopping & Eating at Pacific Mall
And yes! there will still be a candy exchange so please bring some!!!!
Transportation to Activities? See Below!

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