October 19th, 2010

kozi awesome

Monthly Theme : Red Parasol

this is poem is about a friendship between a doll at window display and little Victorian girl you always carries a red parasol, its more recent that the last, and this one more of Classical feel to it. Hope you enjoy it! and if there are any mistakes let me know where and i will fix!( cuz I ish just terrible editing my work)
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Kim Myoung Jae

Brand Fabric for Matching Accessories

Does anyone know where I can get fabric for AP prints? I want to make accessories for my JSKs and Skirts. The waist ties have been great, but I'd like more than one style of headband, and I don't like the styles the brands themselves have offered with the JSK/Skirt that I bought from them

AP prints: Gradation frills (mint), Memorial Cake (black), Milky Chan (black) , Merry Making Party (Navy)

BTSSB prints: Flowers & Ribbon (black), Aristokitty (black)

Or some fabric that would coordinate perfectly, but I heard that you can get the original brand fabric, so that's priority.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Wear a Purple Shirt Day Wednesday October 20th

I am sure some of us have already received mass amounts of emails from Facebook inviting us to one of many events created for this but I am sure not everyone knows about this event for tomorrow and so I though it would be appropriate to post about this topic because I believe certain people within this subculture have been or are currently being bullied on any number of their differences whether it be aesthetic, sexuality or personality. And I believe it's important to talk about this subject

Wednesday October 20th 2010 will be "Wear a Purple Shirt Day" in honour of the 6 dead gay teens all of whom committed suicide because of bullying (off course this is not limited to just these teens but in honour of anyone who lost their life because of similar circumstances!) This idea of the event is simple wear a purple shirt.

I have seen a variation which is "Wear a Pink Shirt Day" as well but both event are to discourage bullying or demonstrate your thoughs on the matter.

I am just curious if anyone will be wearing a purple or even pink lolita outfit to demonstrate you stance on the subject? 

Edit: Lolitas should post their coordination tomorrow on Daily Lolita :) or perhaps create a thread here :)

Halloween Art Post

In honor of Halloween and October's theme, this is an Alice piece I've been working on. I always considered Alice very lolita, she pops up in multiple motifs throughout multiple brands. My character is based on American McGee's version of her, I loved that game, can't wait for the 2nd one! Please feel free to critique, and please take a look at the much larger version over on my blog so you can really see the details.
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Lolita Stores in Jiangmen, Guangdong?

Sorry to bother everyone again, and thank you to everyone who helped contribute to my previous list (will post the compiled list when I get home ^^;; ).

By any chance, would anyone know of any good inexpensive lolita shops in Jiangmen? If not, other places close by in the Guangdong province (the only one I know is Comic City in Guangzhou...) would be great too. ;)
(and if you can, please include the name of the store, since there have been times I've ended up traveling really far to check out stores to find out I've already visited the same branch previously -_-;; )

Thank you very much~
Nono - Meow

Possible Michigan Meetup/Hair/Coord Advice?

There's an anime convention coming up in Detroit, Michigan called Youmacon at the Detroit Renaissance Center on Halloween weekend!!~
I currently don't know of any other Poupee Girl/egl girls in my area, but are any of you attending or have heard of this con?

If so, what do you think about planning a possible meetup? ^o^

And for Hair & Coord Advice....
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