October 17th, 2010

Baby Cthulu

A Belated Looking For: Two Vegas Lolis

Looking for two Vegas lolitas that attended the AX Lolita meetup that I hosted. I had hoped to eventually find these girls, but I had no luck. So, here I am begging to see if anyone know them. Their pictures are inside the cut. They are cousins. They sat at the same dinner table as I and a bunch of my friends.
I would like to find out, if we could be friends.

PrettyCute Magazine reminder


Hello everyone!

The first edition of PrettyCute Magazine is still up for all of you to read at www.prettycutemagazine.com. (There have been issues with legibility of the flash file on the main page. If this goes for you, we suggest you download the high quality version at the bottom of the main page.)

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