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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
October 15th, 2010 
I'd love to hear a review about this dress too! And if anyone knows the sizing?

Does anyone have this for sale or does anyone know where I can buy it?

Preferably in red or cream but any will do

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I read an article recently that spoke in disdain about using square dancing petticoats in Lolita fashion, citing it as Cosplay Lolita rather than Lolita Fashion. Can anyone tell me what inappropriate about square dancing petticoats? I'm really having a hard time finding anything else because I am plus size and live in the USA.

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brownrabbits.deviantart.com is my DA if you are interested ^u^
Bow cactus
Hi girls. Aaaah I'm a little bit nervous about posting on here. But I thought I should make an art post due to the theme of this month :) My art is a little (..uh or a lot idk. I guess it depend on your view) on the dark side of thing so I thought it was fitting. Thank you very much for your time. <3

Aaah. There's dark themes and blood? S-so if you're uncomfortable with that then aah...Collapse )
Oh jeez I tried resizing the DA frames to make it a little bit less obnoxious looking but I think it shrunk the preview. Aaaaah.
zosan 2
Dose anyone know of a site that sells Imai Kira artwork (post cards,calenders,sticker etc) overseas (to Australia) or do I just use a shopping service?
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