October 14th, 2010

Any of you lovely ladies Pastafarian Loli's?


Hey, just wondering, myself I'm an atheist, and a lolita so to speak. I was just wondering how many more  of you are share this with myself. No need to comment if you think I'm  evil unless it's for discourse about how our spiritual  beliefs or  religious values may or  may not affect a persons outward fashion. 
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Ebay Store List

Inlight of recent posts, I've decided to try and compile alist of ebay stores to visit...and who the hell to avoid!
I'd be glad for any help i.e. posts to reviews or other ebay stores you have found (good or bad)
I'll try to do this similar to the TaoBao list up, makes it easier and nicely alphabetical.
Any reviews will be in date order, starting with as newest as possible (see how they've improved/gotten worse)
For Ebay do's and don'ts please look at this post

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AP New Print?

 I was reading the new GLB (vol. 37) and i saw something that i originally thought was meta:

but turns out to be AP O_O

This is almost very un-AP... at least i think so... I mean, compare it with all those pastel coloured prints *o*
It's pretty though <3

What do you guys think of this print?

Two Questions

 Has anyone attempted to wash, vinegar set, or dry clean the Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry print by BTSSB? If so, what were your results? I have the red version of the dress and a friend of mine has the white version, both of which seem like they might bleed horribly. I checked the list of things that can and can't be washed, but it isn't on there yet. 


Secondly, does anyone know the "actual" measurements of the Star Night Theater Bodice/Strapless JSK? I know Hellolace says the measurements are 90~100cm bust and 70~80cm waist but I've seen a few comments from girls saying it's not nearly as forgiving as the official measurements say it is, especially in the bust. I've been considering buying it, but I don't want to spend a lot on a dress that isn't going to fit. D:

NY Comic Con/Anime Festival 2010

Hi there, we wanted to share some photos we took at the convention! It was a lot of fun but it was super packed-- So unfortunately we weren't able to take a photo of all the lolitas we saw! And some of the photos are not full outfit shots. If you see yourself in a photo, please let us know and we'll add your livejournal name on as a caption. And we can take down any photos that you don't like as well! In order not to clutter egl, we kept all the photos here: http://trampleclothing.livejournal.com/6824.html

Everyone looked so wonderful!! Hope you enjoy the photos!

order cancellation


Just wondering if anyone here knows how to read japanese, i ordered a couple shoes online and they sent me this email a few weeks later... I think it means my order was cancelled but I don't know why... can someone please translate it??

(sorry i forget how to use cuts!!)

Bita Natasha 様






Bloomers talks

Hello ladies! i wanted to tell you about this new section in my blog, called bloomers talks , lolita interviews basically, i know there are LOTS of blogs doing this, but oh well it is so much fun! you can't blame me, you can read the first interview here. This time i interviewed miss rosie. from San Marcos, California.
i'm open suggestions,since this is the first one,and if you want to participate please tell me!i'm looking for more lolitas to join, i would be glad <3. also if you please link me to your blog if you have one, i love adding new ones.

thank you so much and delete it if is not allowed
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Mystery OP from Mary Magdalene

Hello again! I've searched through the Lolibrary, Hello Lace, and the stock photos on Flickr, but haven't had any luck finding the name of this particular MM OP. The photos I saved to my computer when the dress first came out are dated 2007, and if I recall correctly, there were navy and purple colorways in addition to the burgundy and the green.

Also, has anyone ever seen this dress up for sale on the regular auction or secondhand sites? I don't check them all that often, but I've never seen this OP for sale (most likely because it was only released once). Thank you for your help!

Beyond the OTT (and also EMS)

I thought of this before class and I can't get it out of my head. It's an odd question, but I'm still curious.

If an outfit follows the rules (i.e., skirt shape, length, etc.), coordinates well, and is high-quality, can it still go so over the top that it isn't lolita anymore? How theatrical can a coord get before it's a costume? Can OTT sweet get so OTT that it becomes something else? What about gothic or classic? Do you have any pictures of outfits that skirt the edge or pass it completely?
How far is too far, and does "too far" even exist?

And my EMS question-- my tracking hasn't changed since the 11th. The last thing that happened is it "dispatched from sorting center" in Guangzhou. Should I be worried?
Shiro Loli

Kajonk-A-Con and Lolita Panel Cancelled!

Kajonk-A-Con 2010: CANCELLED!!!

"A lot of major problems have come up in the past couple weeks that will prevent us from having KAC this year. We're very sorry, but we were unable to find a way around it all and still be able to have a convention worth attending. We are still on for 2011 and will let everyone know the official date once we're able to find a weekend that isn't conflicting with a UT home game (or fall break like a couple years ago.)"

I'm very sorry to break this news to you wonderful ladies how have been planning for this, but after many technical and communication difficulties, all of Kajonk-A-Con, including the Lolita Panel have been cancelled. The staff had problems with the website, forums, promotion and just about everything else included in anime convention. Murphy’s Law, I suppose.

But do not fret! We can still salvage the situation!

Some of the cosplayers who were planning to go to the convention have worked so hard for this, and had this date cleared, like many of us Lolitas, so they have planned a meetup for those who would have been attending Kajonk-A-Con this year. The organizer said we could come. Unfortunately, this meetup will be in World's Fair Park in the MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER. It could be SNOWING. We would have to dress warmly or freeze to death. Kinda hard to do in knee-length skirts.

I still think we should all get-together though. Compared to other communities of Lolitas, East TN Lolis have very little interaction. I don’t think we've had a meetup outside of friends. Well, I say enough! Since all of us had this date set aside for the panel, we should use it as a chance to have a meetup... somewhere. Preferably indoors. Away from the cold.

We could either do this at the World's Fair Park Cosplay Meetup (and freeze our rufflebutts off), or somewhere else. I was thinking Cities Cupcake Boutique. It's like The Cupcakery, only a with a less modern feel on the interior. It's very small, and may not be able to fit all of us, depending on how many of us go. (There were about 15 Lolitas coming to the panel.)

Any of you have any other ideas/places to meet up?

De-poofing a petticoat?

Just a quick question everyone - is there a way to quickly depoof a petticoat? I just got the Anna House one but I think it's a bit too poofy for my taste.

Thanks in advance :). I am going to bed now though, so I won't reply until tomorrow morning.