October 12th, 2010

Attention: Low Country Area Loli's! New Facebook and Upcoming Meetup!

UPDATE: Meet Up date will be Thursday October 28th, at 7pm. If you are interested in attending, please visit either the savalita lj comm or the facebook group below. Details about where to meet, how to get there, etc., will be posted in both communities October 22nd. If you have any questions about transport, locations, or if you just want to do something, pm me! ^_^

Two Announcements!

Firstly, if you live in the Low Country Area of the South - this roughly encompasses the area between Charleston SC and Jacksonville, FL, including the Hilton Head/Savannah/St. Simon's Tri-Coastal Area and surrounding counties - be sure to check out the new facebook page Low Country Lolitas located here: www.facebook.com/event.php .

Now - on that note, there is a meet up being planned for either the 27th or 28th of October for an evening ghost tour of Downtown Savannah followed by a visit to one (or multiple) treat shops in the downtown area for something sweet. Details can be found either in the Meet Up post on the Savalita lj page here community.livejournal.com/savalita/ , or the new facebook community. If you're interested, be sure to comment or pm me, don't be shy!

NYC (Pre?) Halloween meetup!

Meetup alert for those in the NYC/Tri-state Area!

Last October we went to the Pumpkin Festival at Central Park, where we enjoyed ourselves with treats like fluffy maple cotton candy, pimpin' scarecrows, surrounded by the most colorful fall leaves! There was talk about wanting to do it again, so here it is!

This year the Pumpkin Festival will be the day before Halloween, Oct 30th! Lunch location and itinerary TBA after a headcount on those who are interested.

Then we'll head downtown to the East Village for any further activities, i.e. Tokyo Rebel, and other stores in St. Mark's place. For food, I'm leaning towards Pangea on 2nd Ave between 11th and 12th street.

Meetup time/location will be around 11:30a/noonish at the park entrance on 72nd street & 5th ave.

So let me know if you're able to make it~!

Hope to see you there!
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Baa baa, black sheep...

As I got ready to get dressed this morning, I stood pondering over my closet. Having decided to wear lolita today but not which dress, I puzzled over my choices, finally deciding on an old favorite. As I pulled it out, it struck me that this dress; one I wear quite often; is very different from anything it sits alongside. In with a number of very sweet dresses, where even the dark colors come adorned with pink-tinted prints that could rot your teeth out, sits my lonely gothic JSK. All black with a silver print of candles and roses, its the farthest out of sweet I'd ever ventured. I wouldn't trade it for anything and wear it all the time, but today I'd probably never buy anything like it. It is the black sheep of my wardrobe, and I adore it.

So, egl, I ask you: What's the black sheep in your closet? Does a single AP print hold a place of pride among VM? Does a single bonnet sit next to rows of rose clips? Does an OP stand out against rows of skirts? Is there one blue cutsew in the closet of the girl who wears nothing but pink?

First Loli Outfit

I am trying to start wearing lolita style but I don't have a lot of money. I've bought a dress from Fanplusfriend before, and I'm planning on getting a jumper for versatility. I was clicking around on Bodyline and I came across this blouse:
For some reason I really like it. However, since I haven't been in lolita for long at all, I wanted to ask opinions since I know that it's very common for things on Bodyline to be cosplay-quality and not really lolita at all. Would this blouse, paired with a nice skirt from somewhere else, be a good investment for a beginning lolita? Thank you for your time!
k-on, yui

Malco Modes petticoat model 1810

I've been in the market for a new petticoat, and I've heard great things about Malco Modes 582 in terms of its fluffiness and its versatility for A-line or cupcake shape. However, I'm always seeing them at around $50, a little out of my price range. Upon Googling around, I found about their children's petticoats, and the 1810 is described as the children's version of the 582. The L size is good for waists 23"-30" and is 19" long, plus it's cheaper, so it's a great fit for me. I'm concerned it's going to be less poofy though. Does anyone know how good it is?
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Mr. Rococo movie/what not to wear episode

Hey! So i found out about the movie via this post, as i am sure all of you did as well. What I was wondering is, does anyone know if the movie has come out allready? It's been a few months so I figured it had, so if it has, does anyone know where i could get my hands on a dubed version of the film? or something...

Also, on the nights that the lolita episode of what not to wear was on, i had work. I have looked and looked and looked, and i cant find the full episode. Is there somewhere i can watch it, or am I SOL? And i don't want any links to the 3 30second clips on youtube. watching them was just a tease and makes me want to see the whole episode even more. lol
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Does anyone own Jane Marple's Chandelier Print?

Hey there,
I just purchased Jane Marple's Chandelier Print JSK on auctions, and I was wondering if anyone knows what it's made of? I'm vegan so I can't wear silk or wool, and I don't want to psych myself up too much if I'm just going to have to sell it when I get it. :(


Also, if anyone else knows the make-up of other JM winter JSKS or similar JSKs, that would be helpful.

Antique Beast now accepts international orders

Antique Beast posted on their site earlier today that they're now accepting international orders! International shipping will be via EMS while payment will be accepted by Paypal or credit card. Since Antique Beast is a made to order shop, I think you have to anticipate 1.5 months or so before they complete and send out your order.


Of course this happens the day after I place an order with them through a shopping service. ^^;

Children's Parties in Lolita?

I was wondering if, to make a quick buck, anyone had ever considered dressing up in OTT OTT OTT sweet/hime outfits and entertaining at little girl's parties?
You know, like take up a persona such as Princess Fluffbutt or what have you and paint faces or something?
I know some people might be against it because it may be seen as a costume, but it could also be an easy way to make money.  I already entertain at little kid's functions around my neighborhood and paint faces, just never in lolita (I'm not much into sweet so I don't have the right clothes anyway). 
What's your guys' opinions on this?

Are there "fake" angelic pretty items?

I was asking this question because I was curious. I've heard that some companies in Hong kong can get a hold of fabric that actually says "angelic pretty" on it and make replica items. Now I'm a bit worried, because I ordered a Fruits parlor dress from YJP that has an Angelic pretty tag, but no heart pin on it.
Could it be that I bought a fake?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Time to say goodbye

Hey guys, I'd just like to let you all know that I'll be stepping down as a mod effective immediately since I've been in the process of leaving lolita in general - I still adore some of the clothes, but I don't have time to dedicate to the internet side of things anymore and am changing up my style for something a bit more grown-up :( I've been here for over four years, starting back when sweet lolita meant floral prints and rocking horse shoes instead of glittery pastels and tea parties, and have modded for the last couple of years off and on as my university schedule allowed. Honestly it's been lovely, and I'm sad to go as one of your mods, but it's time for me to move on to a new stage of my life. I'll miss you all! <3
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BPN Stock Photos

Does anyone know where I can find Black Peace Now or Peace Now stock photos? I've tried Lolibrary and Hello Lace but BPN isn't listed. :( and is there a BPN community?

Thank you!