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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
October 11th, 2010 
12:02 am - Meet the Mods!
egl mod
Meet the admins/moderators of EGL and the feedback and sales communities!

EGL is constantly evolving and growing, with all the new moderators joining recently to maintain the community, it's high time for another introduction post to put faces behind the names!

Please note that each moderator is in charge of different communities, listed above their profile.
If there is need to contact one of the moderators, please check the community first for the list of most active mods to ensure your issue or query is resolved quickly.

And without further ado, please meet our lovely moderators!Collapse )
Lolita Fenris
It's about to get cold where I live and I need some help finding the perfect coat. :D I'm also looking for a review for a certain Kidsyoyo coat.
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02:22 am(no subject)
 I'm thinking about making & selling these accessories 
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02:34 am(no subject)
harry potter
I'm sorry i keep posting and asking "where can i find" questions and stuff... but does anyone know where I can find this bear coat from the brand Pink House, and this Infanta dress??

must havesCollapse )
Yeah more finds, you know you love spending a bit o dollar!
British store River Island, had a peek in today, OMG yes I died of happiness.
They also did someearmuffs, knitted with fake pearls and small bows on each ear! Is not on the website just yet.
I am visiting town tomorrow so if anyone would like something you can PM me

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Kim Myoung Jae
Is angelic pretty's english site as bad as they say? I guess I'm looking for more of a balanced view of the service on the english site. I hear a lot of bad things, but I wonder what the proportion of bad to good is.
Hello! Ladies!
I am going to Taiwan next year. So, I would like to know that is there any lolita stores or lolita related stores in Taiwan?
How are the price and quality?
How do I find them?
trc, fai, tsubasa, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, yuui
I found this piece of poetry to be quite beautiful (although it's more winter-inclined) ad I thought a Lolita interested in literature would enjoy it.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy EveningCollapse )
made by : jworld_graphics
I hope I'm not posting too much. xD I wanted to figure out what dress is this replicated from? I know it's from AP, I can clearly see that by looking at the print, that says "AP" all over it. XD
It looks familiar but I cant place it. I was considering getting it in pink, because I love the design but what do you all think? It's from Dear Celine. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=7744052589 
I think it's probably the most well made replica I have seen in a while. :O
2 headed

On the second day of NYAF/NYCC there was the Hangry and Angry Fashion Show. I took photos of the event and also a lot of snaps of lolitas that day. Please enjoy.
Picture Heavy under the cut :)!Collapse )
EDIT: It's decided; I'm getting the blue one. :D Thanks guys. 

 I'm looking for a coat on BodyLine 'cause the sale is still on. XD
Where I live (Australia) isn't as cold as where most of you guys live; I've never experienced anything below zero degrees Celcius, but it is really cold for me.
Does anyone know if this one is warm enough?
Picture cutCollapse )

Is it ita-ish to you? :s
06:18 pm(no subject)
Some of us scotloli ladies had a get-together to go and see the Professor Layton movie. Reactions to the film itself were mixed...if I'm being honest then I was a bit underwhelmed, but die-hard fans like skyblue_pink and lovinglolisa loved it. Either way, we had a most enjoyable morning tea/coffee together then a late lunch afterwards!

A few pictures below...Collapse )
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