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October 9th, 2010 
01:22 am(no subject)
 Hai guise!! :> 
 I got this dress as a gift for my collection, but I have no clue as to what Brand it is!!!
 My boyfriend got it for me, and he doesn't remember the brand and there are no tags.
This DressCollapse )

I'm about to order these two items from Bodyline.

Does anybody happen to have these dresses? I'm worried I may not fit in them. :l
P044 and L163Collapse )

(This is my first post at EGL - please do let me know if I'm not doing things right. Thanks :3)
02:39 pm - Taobao shops!
So I've been working on making a comprehensive list of taobao shops. I've got a ton of links so far but I know there are lots more shops out there to be added.

If you have links to other lists with more shops please pass those along to me!

UPDATED Oct 4, 2014 - Sewing section updated.

HUGE list!Collapse )
... has anyone saved the glorious Mr Yan so furious ads and the likes? I tried to find them, but there's only one on Youtube. :<
A .gif is fine too!
I've been looking into Sincerely, Moon Afternoon, and Angel Fish, all of which are small Classic Lolita/Natural Kei brands that don't ship overseas. While Sincerely has a "shopping cart" system, both Moon Afternoon and Angel Fish appear to be email-based, which makes me wonder if most shopping services will make orders to them. Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing? If so, are the fees more expensive than usual -- enough so that I should just wait and see if Moon Afternoon really does manage to make an order system for foreign customers?

Finally, has anyone actually ordered from these brands before? I've been looking for reviews, but only found a dead link to Celga and a bunch of posts asking how to order from the brands. Any help is appreciated!
Mini me

This is my first time posting for a theme, so I hope this is good... I thought, seeing as how it's coming up quickly to Halloween, I'd dig this old short story out from the dusty bowels of my computer.

It's a short story about a young lolita who has this freaky doll. I can't say much more without spoiling the rest of it. It's not very long (being a short story :D) but I hope it's enjoyable. I thought I'd combine the two themes for this month. It's slightly creepy, but nothing gory ;D

And without further ado, my story, The Doll.


Story under the cut...Collapse )
07:17 pm - Hyper Japan 2010
Hello everyone!

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to model Baby at the Hyper Japan event on Saturday in London, so as a girl who is typically into the more gothic side of frills, I am here to share a few photos of the event and my day as a sweet lolita. I hope you enjoy them!

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Why hello hello. /insert fish face/
There's a part of me that tells me, "honey, you're doing this right. Not ita at all." But I really need some reassurance and possibly some con-crit pretty prease. This is the FIRST time I've worn my lolita outfit/s out and I was really anxious all day. Ohh, and overall I'm just not photogenic.


and no one really took a picture of my shoes but I was wearing heart buckled shoes > U<;;
angelic pretty
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone is interested in meeting up at the beginning of the MCM Expo on the Saturday 30th October.
We could meet by one of the entrance (the little bit outside the toilets on the ground floor, if you know what I mean)
Please tell me if you would like to meet, what time is best and if you have a better place we could meet.
Just wanted to have a frilly congregation ♥
I know it was a gruelling process for many to choose a favourite out of all those submissions, but with have a winner - artwork this month is by relphias . You can see more of their artwork on their Deviantart. Thank you very much to everyone who submitted something <3 Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post. Of course, with our new layout comes some new themes:

The General Theme for October is Lolita & literature.
Have some writing of your own to share? Want to show a co-ordinate inspired by your favourite novel? Any reading recommendations for the literary lolita? This is your month!

The Aesthetic Theme for October is Sombre.
Inspired by the banner artwork, this month we'd like to see your dark and scary side. Whether it's your outfit for Halloween or some suppurate system jewellery, if it's gloomy it's good to go.
This is my short story "What a Difference a Day Makes." I wrote this last semester for my creative writing class. I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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We're looking for two more people to help with the EGL tagging project. We want this project ideally finished for the end of October, so we'd like people who have a lot of spare time this month! Just post here if you're interested in getting started right away, I'll delete this post after I've found two people. Thanks.
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