October 7th, 2010

FIT Tea Party

I haven't seen this posted yet, figured other people would be interested in this article by the New York Times:

All Dolled Up

As you probably already know, NY's FIT museum is showcasing gothic lolita fashion until January and a tea party was held with h. Naoto representatives and the owners of Tokyo Rebel. (found this article through their blog) After reading the article, I pretty much agree with what Tokyo Rebel says, "...they seem a bit bemused by the whole thing."

looking for a previous how to/tutorial

if i remember correctly someone made a how to write a good review post awhile back. checked the tutorial tags, not on there yet, my keywords aren't really working and i don't have it in my personal memories. i'm going back and wanting to edit a review i did to make it more cohesive.

does anyone know which entry it is? 

Coordination Help?? ^___^

so I've bought a cute red Bodyline OP and a pair of BL shoes, but I am not sure how to coordinate it further...

Edit:  Dropped the Disneyland association, because I really want to wear this dress more often and I'm just looking  for cute coord ideas ^. ^

I bought this bodyline OP and shoes:

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PMX Guest of Honor Announcement - Miki Nohmoto of Alice and the Pirates

PMX is excited to announce the newest additions to our fashion lineup - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and Alice and the Pirates!  Both brands will be participating in the Starlight Fashion Festival and the PMX Fashion Show.  They will also have their merchandise available in the PMX Fashion Hall. Not only that, but AATP will be bringing their newest designer, Miki Nohmoto for [her] international debut at our Starlight Fashion Festival!

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Hi everyone!  My friend recommended this group to me and said you were all super helpful. 

Anyway, to the point.  I fell in love with this dress and, before I went hunting it down, I thought it might be good to ask if anyone owned it.  If so, any thoughts on it?  I am not very small (39" bust, 32-33" waist) so I wasn't sure if, even with all the shirring in the back, it would be big enough to fit me. 

So any thoughts or help with this adorable dress would be greatly appreciated.


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