October 1st, 2010

Gifts Worst/Best

A lot of times our family and friends have really great intentions when they try to buy us lolita related gifts, but when they don't have a lot of knowledge about it, it can go horribly wrong >.<
Sometimes though, they get you your dream dress, by some miracle!
What's the worst/best lolita related gift you've ever gotten?

My mom got me a horrible black blouse she thought was 'uber lolita'. She had good intentions, but the shape was odd and didn't fit right, it was itchy and it just looked like she bought it on sale from a Halloween store.
My boyfriend, however, bought me an adorable, fantastic quality off-brand skirt and the Pink Lolita Crystal Framed Ring from Tarina Tarantino's Pink Head collection :D i never want to take it off!
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Geo Lenses

Hi Ladies!

I am looking into buying some Geo Lenses and I am a bit overwhelmed. There are so many different places and prices :S I'm a little concerned with some places being a little bit sketchy! I do need contact lenses with a prescription (since I actually wear them daily)

What are some fo your tried and true places for picking up Geo Lenses (of any type!)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Help!Socks.....Dont chew That

A few months ago my family adopted a lab puppy.:D He was soooo cute until I brought him home and he went gaga around my lolita socks!  Ever since then I have to hide my socks (even if i have them on!) from him. Last night I went to a pary and when i got home 15 pair of my Lolita socks had small  holes in them!!!! I cant sew, mom cant and non of my friends can DX. I dont know how to mend socks but if someone can help me that would be great. I have a party to go to in a week or so and I only have on pair of white knee lenght socks! SO PL PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP MEEEE! Also i did learn the lolita socks are diffrent than other socks.

If this is not really lolita realed or against the rules I understand~
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Hyper Japan Kera Fashion Show

Just a quick question
Due to horrible torrential rain all weekend in London, I was just wondering if anyone knows if this thing is still on/moved/anything else or are we just going to have to brave the weather?

( I know it sounds stupid,  but I'm really wondering.. )
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Halloween Tea Party UPDATE!

Hey everyone, this is Ming your co-host for the event. Sorry for the late update, I was having a nice game of phone tag with Crown and Crumpets, but now everything is worked out and we can get on with the guest list.

The tea party will be held 10/30 at
Crown & Crumpet Address:
207 Ghirardelli Square
900 North Point
San Francisco, CA 94109

We can have up to 20 guests and each ticket will be $31. The event will take place at 6 and end at around 9. I will ask each guest to paypal me the money once I have everything on paypal up and running. I would like the money a week before the tea party, the deadline for the money will be October 23, which will also be the last day to confirm.

Any other questions that you may, such as food preferences or allergies please feel free to contact me at choco_ngm@yahoo.com.

You will be added to the list once you confirm again. You will not be added if you are a maybe. Thank you

Guest List

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Headpiece. I command you to STAY.

Recently I bought this headdress from Bodyline and it just refuses to stay on my head.
It doesn't have a comb at the back. So as long as I don't move and breathe it won't either.

Have you had any experiences with annoying headpieces that won't stay?
Any tips on how to keep it on my head? 
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.