September 30th, 2010


Corsets and Lolita

I did check the memories and the search, and didn't find what I wanted to know, so here's my question:

How do you feel that corsets fit into the Lolita aesthetic?  I wear underbust corsets on a regular basis, and would like to start incorporating them into my lolita wardrobe.  However, I like to wear my corsets as an outergarment, a contrast piece, instead of as an undergarment, and what I'd like to know is if this would be utterly frowned upon.

Thanks in advance for all of your opinions, I've found everyone here to be awesomely nice and helpful so far!
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Good evening ladies and gents!

I just got some images from two of my favorite photographers and figured I would share. ^_^

The first set of images are from Anime Weekend Atlanta, where I paired a Tudor-style corset with my Baby blouse and Meta skirt, topped with an amazing hair piece from Aria Darling. It is an interesting combination, and one I am looking to expand upon in the future! The photos are by Dim Horizon Studio.

The second set takes it back to a more classical time. The photos were taken by Mary Rebecca and showcase Lolita Nouveau's collection of screen printed skirts and bags. The photos also feature designer Lindsay Hamilton (red hair) and Megan Porch (short, black hair).

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Wigs and itchy-ness

I took a gander at some of the the search options and came up with ONE little thing to help, which was to get a wig cap. But I've already explored that option and it doesn't seem to do much. So I was wondering: What do you do to help reduce itching/irritation while wearing your wig?

Seriously don't want to have to take it off every 2 hours to rest my head as I'm probably going to be wearing it for a good 9-10 hours next week at a con :3

So any sweet tips totally appreciated.
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Morrigan NYC Sale?

Hello ladies! I'm hoping someone may be able to answer my question about Morrigan NYC clothing line.

Morrigan Home

I was unable to make it to Otakon where they did the fashion show, but remember reading in their blog that the new line of 18th century literature-inspired clothing would be going on sale soon. This was back at the beginning of August & as of now I haven't received an email or seen any new blog posts. (I'm watching their etsy store & signed up for their newsletter)

I do not want to miss the Moby Dick print skirt! So-does anyone know if they are still working on manufacturing the new line, or did I just miss the boat (hahahaaa, pun intended!) entirely? Thanks for any insight! :)
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Snack time!

It's 3 o'clock and it's snack time! What's your favourite sweet treat? Is it chocolates or pastries? Donuts or danishes? Maybe it's something salty. Tell me what your favourite snack are!

Mine are a nice cup of strawberry hot chocolate (its amazing!) and chocolate danishes!
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First year anniversary, FIT tea party, October sale and new stuff!

It's been a while since we posted here and we just wanted to update you all (especially those that don't follow our blog and haven't friended us here) on some of the things going on at Tokyo Rebel!

First, it's our New York store's one-year anniversary!  So we're planning some things for next month to celebrate and thank everyone for supporting us.  Some of these things we can't announce yet, but we've already announced "Photo Fridays" starting this Friday, where anyone who comes in dressed in Lolita (or another Japanese fashion) can get their picture taken for our photo wall and web site, get 5% off any purchase that day and get entered into our grab bag mini-contest that will be decided at the end of the month.  So anyone who's in New York or planning a trip, use your visit as an excuse to dress up!  Don't worry, if you can't make it to the store, we've got other cool things planned later this month.

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Reviews of Jesus Diamante coat replicas/ AP Replica Boots?

 Since I couldn't find any reviews by using the search function, I really  hope you can help me more : )

I would like to know good TaoBao shops (or other sources) for Jesus Diamante coat replicas or if possible reviews of coats like this:
I guess the thickness wouldn't be the greatest, but maybe otherwise the quality is fine?

(Please be so kind and don't start a discussion about the fur, which is used.)

More over I would be glad to hear anything about a comparison between the Secret Shop version of these AP replicas and this TaoBao shop version

What about the quality of the shoes? On first sight you see the different shoe clips, but what about the other differences?


Hi there! I'm going to hyper on saturday yaaaaay!!!

I already posted a question asking what it was all about, all your comments were most helpful so thank you^^

Sadly I will be going on my own:( and i have never been to anything like this before so I was wondering if there were any meet ups happening. I'd love to meet up with a group of lolitas. so if anyone is having a group meet up let me know^^ Thank you

I'm so excited only 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Quotes Please

Well, I'm a senior in high school and in the year book every senior gets to put a quote under their picture. Usually people put life quotes or use it as a shout out to their friends. A friend and I were talking and I told her I had no clue what I was going to put so she told me to quote something that means a lot to me.

I can honestly say lolita means a great deal to me.

So can you please post your favorite quotes that have to do with lolita, kamikaze girls, or just the over all aesthetic of loli.

Thank you so much.

So where do you get your sweet/ott jewelry?

I need some recommendations for sweet/ott jewelry sellers (etsy, ebay, etc.), and it needs to be quality! I love pink, ivory/white/cream, and general cute things (especially hello kitty), so please share! :3

EDIT: don't worry about promoting yourselves, I want to see that too, but I didn't make a WTB because I'm just looking, and I want to see websites too!
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Surprise! IW Halloween Sets go on sale tomorrow!

Innocent World's Halloween Set (lucky pack) is back again. It's kind of a late announcement but they go on sale Friday, Oct. 1 somewhere around 4PM Japan time. This is not an exact time though, just to give you an idea ^^ This time you get to choose from 5 blouse colors and S, M, and L sizes~

Even though the sets go on sale now, they are designed to arrive around Halloween, trick-or-treat style =D

Details about what's in the sets and prices can be found here:

Also a reminder - the sale at the online shop ends October 3rd. I thought it was going to end earlier but I think now it's *really* over XD

EDIT: Wow that took a lot longer than expected but the sets are up for sale now~

I guess they didn't make many of each color and size. If you want to be on the safe side, you can list a second or third choice in case the one you want is sold out =)