September 29th, 2010

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Reposting first dress with pics of me in it

Ok, here's the original pics

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And pics of me in it. I'm not wearing a petticoat, because I don't have one yet.

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Yes, boobs are smushed and it's tight in that area making you see the zipper, but that's my fault for not breaking out the tape measure before I ordered. Plus it's not a big deal because I'm on a weight loss program and the fit will improve once I lose a pound or two. I currently wear a size 14/16 and I ordered the large size. Again, my fault, not thiers. All the seams are finished and it had an invisible zip, which would be invisible if I wasn't so rotund at the momment. The only thing that I can see that would bug some people (not me personally) is a few loose threads. Nothing the sewing sissors couldn't fix. Eventhough it is a bit snug, it's still comfortable. I'm really pleased with it.

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So, as of late, I've gotten into a fight with one of my good friends and long story short, we're not friends anymore. My other friends told me how she would complain about me wearing lolita and it made my mad how she couldn't just accept me for it. I don't want to bring you guys down with me, though...

What I was hoping you could do for me is that you share the most amazing things that have happened to you since you got into lolita. You could talk about the people you met, or how strong you feel as a person now, or something crazy and awesome that happened during a meet! Anything that comes to mind that brings back happy memories. I, personally, don't have a lot of stories to share as of yet, but I did meet a lovely lady at my school's art club last year when I wore lolita. I forgot her name, but it was cool just meeting someone in person. I also met  a few people at MatsuriCon (you know who you are! :D ) and, shy and nervous as I was, it was great!

I apologize if something like this has been posted before. I could just use with some cheering up. Hopefully you all can understand that.

Edit: I want to thank you all for the wonderful stories you've shared and it definitely makes me feel great how much the EGL community is connected with each other. Just hearing about all the friends you guys have made through lolita really cheers me up!  And thanks for all the support in this trying time for me. It really helps and I think you're all beautiful people. <3

Wearing lolita while pregnant?

Hello all! I was wondering if you guys have any ideas/opinions about wearing lolita while pregnant. I wanted to wear something pretty and frilly to work for halloween this year (since we're generally strictly business casual here), but I'm afraid it's going to look really bad (I definitely have a noticeable bump). I'm thinking about wearing an empire-waist dress and maybe pushing the petticoat more to the back so it's equally fluffy all around.

I tried to look for pictures of other lolitas while pregnant, but it looks like no one really does it. What do you guys think? Yes? No? Too tacky? Ideas?
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F+F Custom Measurement Form Questions [SOLVED]

I'm ordering a custom size JSK dress from FanPlusFriend, and I had some questions about putting in your measurements.

1.) Should I use cm or inches or both (like, put cm and then put inches in parentheses)? Which measurement system does F+F seem to work best with?

2.) I know that F+F makes their custom dress pretty long- nearly ankle length in some cases. How do I prevent them from doing this? What do I put? Should I say "makes this dress xx cm/in long" in caps, or what?

What has worked best for you when ordering from F+F?
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Help with buying my first brand piece

Hello, I'm a rather new Lolita.  I've done plenty of research, have a few offbrand pieces, and now I'm going to attempt to buy my first brand piece.  I want it to either be a JSK, OP, or skirt.  My favorite brand as of now has to be AATP, but I also like BTSSB, Meta, and Moitie, of course (although I have a feeling MMM will be WAY out of my cost range.) My current price range for a skirt is 80-100 dollars, and for a dress it is 150-200 dollars.  Of course, this post is about looking on the sales boards, as the sites themselves are rather self-explanatory.  My main question is: can anyone suggest some prints or series in which I may like and would probably fall in my price range?  My current favorite prints that I know of are A Midsummer Night's Dream by AATP, Vampire Requiem by AATP, Iron Gate by MMM, Sleeping Beauty by AATP, Name of the Rose by either AATP or BTSSB (I can't remember >.<), Twinkle Journey by Metamorphose,  and Old Rose by Metamorphose.  However, I know it's not likely at all that I'd be able to aquire any of these within my price range.  As you can probably tell, the prints I'd be interested usually would consist of roses, subtle floral patterns, mostly dark colorways, ivory mixed with black and red, etc.  I mostly like gothic and classic, but if the print is a little bit sweet that's ok too. I know this may be a lot of work, but would anybody be able to help me?  If not, I understand.
(note: this is not meant to be a WTB post, just a suggestion post)

eBay find?

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As I was burning through my idle time I came across this little girls dress on eBay. 
(can you guess what is it a replica of?)

I'm super tempted to get it for my little girl because she absolutely loves Lolita, but I'm not sure. 
If anyone happens to know the name of the Brand or the quality of the dress -- it would help a lot. 

Here's a (link) to the auction. 

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New to EGL

 Hello ,

My name is iinx. I'm 14 years old, just entering high school, and I've been curious about Lolita ever since I was young. Can anyone give me any advice for starting out? Keep in mind I have a fixed budget, and live in a small, rather cut-off community in Canada. I still have not decided what type of Lolita I wish to be, and I'm a little stuck. I love stripes, especially black-and-white ones, and I do have a rather creepy, morbid sense of humor, but I really like cute things and doing cute things, and most of all cuddling cute things :3. One side leans to Gothic, but the other leans to Sweet, y'know?

     Gah, I must sound like a complete brain-missing person! T ^ T ..   I do hope anyone reading can get past this and help me out...   Oh, dear, I'm so sorry...  Ehhh ...  ^ ^"

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Itastic! Post your awful 'coords'.

With Halloween around the bend, what's scarier for lolitas than remembering their ita pasts?

Inspired by a conversation on /cgl/ about hipsters purposefully having bad sweater parties, thought it would be fun to have a bad ita party~! (Or at least post!) Time to drag out items you swore you'd never wear again! Let's pile it all on and snap a kawaii pose!

Don't hold back, gimme your worst!

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