September 26th, 2010

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Shoes Inquiry

Has anyone bought or seen these shoes from the shop in real life? (Yeah yeah, I know it's, but still... They some pretty cool boots and their wigs are AWESOME.) I'm definitely interested in getting them and was wondering if anyone had experience with the shoes from this shop.

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feedback page?

Hello!! I am new to EGL!
Can I get anyone to help me
get a feedback page? I contacted
this Tralala about 4 days ago
about one and I have already
had a transaction with someone.
I cannot post on the EGL sales
because I have no feedback
page. I have been very patient!
Can anyone please help me?
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How did you know which style of lolita was right for you?

I am a lolita lover, I went the whole hog and bought my first outfit (AATP sleeping beauty in ivory skirt with matching brand clothing) some time at the beginning of the year. I went to my first meet in March and enjoyed it but I felt it was a bit too much for me and I was really overwhelmed. Subsequently I sold all my lolita items and quit lolita, I didnt go on EGL for about a month or two, perhaps even three, however I couldn't help but come back and lurk for a while as I love lolita and the community and I missed it. I am also in the middle of trying out fairy kei which directed me back to EGL and especially the sales comm as I could buy some accessories from there that would work well with fairy kei. Whilst I was in lolita I stuck to classic items as I thought that they would suit me more. My family doesnt really like lolita but I am 22, nearly 23 so it doesn't matter, I still have my own way of funding lolita, just need to keep it out of their sight until I can move out, otherwise i'll get comments. My problem is, that I love lots of fashion styles and can't stick to one in particular and tend to just buy what I like, however here is the problem:- I love sweet lolita most of all, I love all the cute accessories and everything. It however wont suit me, I am 5'11 and according to my boyfriend I suit more "cool" clothing like designer clothes. I think perhaps people want what they can't have as I have never been cute, I just want to be little and cute. My question is, how did you know which style of lolita to go for? Did you just go with what you thought would suit you or for what you liked most or perhaps tried a bit of all of it? Also do you think its wise for me to get back into lolita? I really want the new vampire forest in black when it is released even though it is not sweet, i just like it. My sweet lolita crush is milky planet in yellow (skirt).... I want it so badly except its not me :(

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edward gorey skeleton

art post + small discussion~

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Have you ever drawn or made something that was inspired by a book and incorporated lolita? Or if you have ideas about a dress or drawing based off of a book. (I would love a dress with something from an Edward Gorey book on it!) I know brands have done this, but I want to see handmade things!
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Oh a look what I made post!

So I've been a little lacking in my posting after I make stuff and I just got a dress form (Yay me!) So I decided to post what I've made <3
I wore it at Fanime but didn't get any pictures in it :(
But I'm very happy with the outcome :3
I shall be posting more soon after final touches are done on them <3
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The difference between "brand" and silhouette.

It's been a while since I've made one of these but, here's a bit of a discussion topic. Again after reading some of the "secrets" over at loli_secret. While many of them were surprising, the ones that usually always get to me the most would be the ones that seem to down talk less expensive brands.

It seems as though many people interested in this particular fashion don't seem to understand that the name on the label does not always equal the silhouette of the style. While the quality of less expensive brands can be questionable, the style itself is no different from the more expensive brand names.

Labels do not equal lolita. Many famous "lolita centric" brands are branching out nowadays and doing different styles. APs Gal-type clothing, Meta's club wear, Baby's more casual clothing... None of those particular items fit the traditional style of the lolita silhouette. Does the brand itself make it "fit" into the look of lolita? No, not at all.

It strikes me odd that many people are so anti off brand.

Does having a lower quality of product make a brand less lolita? Many home grown companies and many seamstresses rely on companies such as spoonflower and other fabric printing companies to make their own line of clothing. Many of these companies provide a less than 100% perfect quality of fabric (some, like spoonflower, have been reported as thin/seethrough)but is it not what is done with the fabric that makes it lolita?

Pink bunny

Bodyline Wig Question

So I was looking at the bodyline wigs, since they are the only ones in my price range @_@ student loans are killer, and couldn't really get a good idea of the colors. The pictures don't really show the colors they come in really well -_-;. Does anyone have any pictures of them, maybe being worn? Especially interested in the gold tones.
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um, hi <3


so, I've been lurking around here for a few weeks, and I am VERY new to the Lolita side of life. I've always had a soft spot for it (it is the most adorable and amazing attire, after all!) and I have fallen in love with sweet lolita. I am, however, absolutely terrified that not only will I not be able to pull it off, but that I will give a bad name to Lolita. If I am going to wear Lolita out, I am going to go the full nine yards and do it properly, so, would I be able to ask you to help point out the GIANT NO'S in sweet Lolita, and what you reckon would be the ideal sweet lolita? I would be ever so grateful~~

Sorry for the extremely long winded question -_-" I never know when to stop.

I'm also very new to livejournal, and spent around twenty minutes trying to find how to post. Then I saw the button...-.-"
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A problem ordering from BL.

Yesterday, I placed an order from BodyLine. While the computer was processing the last page of the payment to BodyLine, someone at my house accidentaly closed the page. So, I did receive two e-mails from paypal and BL that says they got my order. and the money was deducted from my paypal account but I haven't received the trucking numbers from BL. My question is that does it seem to be that they received my ordering okay or not? I also heard BL sometimes forget sending people trucking numbers. Im just little bit worried if they couldint receive my ordering.

Thanks for your opinions.