September 25th, 2010

Junhyung - Fiction

I guess not...

Well I found this at party city, I know it's kind of lame how it's from there, but whatever I'm not made out of money and it's pretty cheap. So basically I need opinions on this before I head on over there and buy it.

Here is the link!

So out of the kindness of your hearts can you please help me in seeing if this is Wa-Lolita approved.

Thanks. :)

Well, thanks to everyone who showed me the light. haha. I was already iffy about it, but just needed some more comments to help me out. Thank you to the people who have introduced body-line to me, I'm going to check it out, and also to the people who have told me about past experiences on this costume and also to the people who just said no. haha. Thank you for not being to hard on me or laughing at me, I'm a noob to this lolita style and just needed some advice. Maybe I'll make my own, sewing isn't to hard right? haha. Thank you once more. =)
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Custom-Length Milky-Chan Replica?

Is there anywhere online where I can get a Milky chan replica skirt or dress in a custom length? I'm looking for the print, not the applique. Searching EGL for "milky chan replica" didn't bring up much. If I wasn't so tall, I'd just get the actual AP one.. it's so adorable with its deer lace.. *drool* Haha I really don't like any other AP print at all, they're all way too sugary for me, but I fell in love with this one. I want it so bad, but being 5'10", it would be about 6 inches above my knee... which means I'd have to have an underskirt peeping out for at least four inches and it just wouldn't look good, and I'm not gonna shell out that much money for something that's gonna look ridiculously short on me. Plus, it might not even fit me in the waist, since most lolita brand seems too small for me with a 32" waist. *sigh* So I've been toying with the idea of a replica. The ones I saw on Ebay all seemed to be short like the AP one. I would need it to be 22-24" long. Maybe there *IS* no place doing custom-length replicas of Milky-chan, in which case I'm out of luck, but I thought I'd ask.
Thanks for the help!

Sizing Question about a Bodyline dress.

I fell in love with the color, the fabric and the design of this dress.
and I am considering about ordering them before the sale ends. Now I have some concerns about the sizing of the dress. I am a bit tall. 170cm height and 88cm bust and 72cm waist. My concern is that would it look too short on me? I have a dress that is 98cm in length that looks just as right on me, whereas this dress is 92cm in length. I want to hear some opinions about this whether if the person owns this dress or not. If anyone happens to own this piece, please tell me if there are any other problems or concerns (such as cheap lace or something).

I appriciate your help, thank you.
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HMHM coat review request

Hello lovelies!

I heard HMHM clothes are of very high quality, but I'd like to know if their winter coat is warm enough for where I live. See, I live in Québec and the winters here can be quite harsh, the average being -17, but it regularly falls under -25 so I'd like to know how warm is this coat.

Here's a picture so you know what I'm talking about:

Question about the birthday sale of Mr.Yan at BL.

Please tell me when is the last day of the sale at BodyLine? Does anyone know? My dad is in my apartment with me until Sep 28th. I dont wanna him to know that I'm into lolita that much.(he only knows I read magazines like KERA) So I want my order to come later than Sep 28th. Would it come later than 28th if I order right now? If it's international shipping, are there chances that they arrive earlier than the date that thay tell you? Cuz one of my friends who lives in Japan says that the shipping usually arrive early there.

Looking for a bit of information

So I've been interested in starting Lolita awhile. There's just one little...issue, shall we say. I was born male.

Yeah, I'm one of those. ^_^;

I'm told it's quite possible, and I might even look good doing it. But I'm still at a loss where to begin, or what to look for exactly. I have a decent idea of where to start looking, and what to avoid, but the choices are...overwhelming, and considering my...circumstance, I was hoping for a little guidance in what pitfalls to look out for, what would be the best first choice for someone like me, so on, and so forth.

Honestly, I'm not as new as I'm scared I am, I have done some reading. I just want to not make a complete fool of myself, you know?  O///O
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Gothic Lolita band- Razorbladekisses
Favorite song and video by far.
Who else knows of Razorbladekisses?
And who else loves their outfits and hair in this video e.e

If there was another post on this band please let me know.

Not Lolita bands, since there isn't any, really but other bands
(cool music to listen to if you're a wee bit bored or curious)
Tragic Tantrum

Prince Poppycock
Not a band, but you know, Love his outfits and voice
Any other Gothic Lolita-esque bands you know?


i was wondering if anyone knew of some lolita comics (manga or anime is fine too) i could read online? english too. something where lolita is one of the main parts of it (kind of like a slice of life type thing). but if the main character just happens to be a fan of it i can settle for that too :]

links would be lovely. thank you!
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Innocent World shoe sizing

I'm thinking of buying a pair of Innocent World shoes, does anyone know if they run true to size? Any recommendations on where to buy/what brands make classic style shoes would be appreciated as well. Thank you!

Any Lolita Stores in China + Singapore?


I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice in where to shop for lolita clothes in China (specifically in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing), Guangzhou and Singapore?

My family and I will be traveling in China and Singapore in several weeks, and since I heard stuff there was cheaper with more to choose from, I'd like to look around and check out some shops. smile wink grin
I have also done a quick search here and found some stores (like Alice88th, FairyFair, Black Alice), but not sure if they're still open anymore. ;_;

So if you know of any good inexpensive lolita clothes, I would greatly appreciate if you wouldn't mind telling me know where I could find them please?

Thank you very much~ bigrazz

(and if anyone knows if and where I could find some places to buy doujinshi would be wonderful as well~! wink )