September 24th, 2010

rudest insult ever

Okay, my big sister and I are making a mini-comic about a Lolita maiden and her house-mate .
So basically he says a really rude insult regarding here brand-new angelic pretty dress, and she kinda dies from it...(I'll post it when its finished).

So what I need from you  is to give me the rudest comment that anyone has said to you regarding your Lolita clothes/ style/ whatever... 

Thank you for your help!!!
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How Did You Discover Lolita?

I've seen posts about how we've moved from our old styles to lolita, but I have wondered how did everyone discover it.
Did you see it in a book? A movie perhaps? Maybe someone introduced it to you and you fell in love. Did you see someone wearing in and got curious about the style?
I'm curious too hear how everyone discovered Lolita!

As for myself, I had briefly seen it in mangas and such, but I didn't really know the style until a friend of mine introduced me to it. Of course I fell head over heels in love. :3

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Mini-Guide to NYC and NYAF/NYCC Oct 8th - 10th


The NYAF/NYCC schedule is up! Felt I should highlight some panels (along with times and rooms) that you guys might be interested in. As well as some New Yorker eats.

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Conventions tend to be fun and overwhelming, but what about after the cons. Here are some places that I recommend that are pretty close.
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lolita vanity

Is this acceptable?

My friend wants to go Gothic Lolita to an anime convention. Authentic Lolita. I'm currently guiding her to make sure she doesn't get the wrong dress. She's thinking about this OP. I personally think it's just fine, but I would love some second opinions, since I'm still a bit new to Lolita..

Edit: You guys are fast! 0_0 I recommended this for her myself.
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minky shop AatP style shoes! help!

hello, girls :)

i remember browsing the community some time ago and finding this post with a review of a very cute pair of AatP styled shoes from minkyshop. but the link to the shoes does not work anymore - and i can't find them in minkyshop's current offer.
so, does anyone know WHERE i can find these beauties? [i also tried googling them, but to no avail]
btw. i'm interested only in a new pair of those in black or maybe pink. any help will be very, very appreciated!

thank you!
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How close is too close?

How far have you been willing to go when you're ALMOST going to fit that jsk you really want? You're so close to fitting the max/min measurements, but..

I'm debating a certain jsk, and I'm 4 cms away from making the max bust (stupid giant bust..). Then I wondered, how many have you have risked it? Post your experiences, and what your outcome was! Like, if you're 5 cms away from fitting an innocent world blouse, and turns out it was WAY too tight (because we all know IW runs small), or you're 10 cms away from fitting a skirt that seemed too big and it fit perfectly :D

Make sure you post what the item was and what brand, and how close you were to fitting it, and if you did or not! It might be fun to see what brands tend to be more.. kind.