September 23rd, 2010

A Cool, Quick Petti Question!

So in Australia, the weather is starting to warm quickly!
My Question is : Which Petticoat is the most comfortable in the summer?
Organza? Tulle? etc..
I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I tried the search but the results were limited.
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(no subject)

I'm trying to make my first order with Angelic Pretty. I browsed the Japanese site first because I couldn't find the link to the English site, and it said the dress I wanted was sold out. However, the English site says it's in stock. Do they have separate stock or do they just not update the English page when something sells out?
hammond shock
  • ha_ne

Roses and text?

Could I please ask for images of Lolita JSKs/OPs/skirts with prints of roses on them? Preferably more realistic variations. If possible, I would most appreciate images of Wa-lolita outfits with roses on them.

Also, would you please be able to provide images of Lolita items which utilise writing as part of the pattern? Kind of like when BABY, Metamorphose etc write their own brand names on the skirts, but more decorative, I guess, but also written in cursive writing. I hope I'm making sense? Sort of like the writing on the JSK below.

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Thank you for your help :D      
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Have you ever been mistaken for someone or something while wearing lolita?

I wore lolita to school today, I'm a senior in high school. I was dressed in a causual classic-ish look. I have never been good at math so I'm in a sophmore math class. I walked into class today and a kid was like "So are you like our substitute teacher? Are you here for this period?" I didn't respond I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or not then the guy who sits next to me said "Dude she's a student too she sits right here." then pointed to my seat. By that point I realized he was talking to me. He then said "Oh god I'm sorry." I didn't take being mistaken as a teacher as an insult if anything it kind of made my day.

So my question is have you ever been mistaken for something you're not while wearing lolita? Maybe some one just thought you were younger? Maybe they thought you were older? Anyway I'm curious to see what you guys say.
Bunny eye lasers

Looking for tikim3 (Lief/Mew)

I've been trying to get in contact with tikim3 since July, and have had no luck. If anyone is able to help me get in touch with her I would greatly appreciate it!

I was invoiced for a Gardenberry skirt in the night colourway on June 16th, and paid on the 17th. After that, I have heard absolutely nothing about the status of my order from Lief.

I have emailed her three times and commented on her two most recent posts, her Aster Cafe pre-order and her sales post, and have yet to receive any replies. I left my comment on her sales post on September 4th and she replied to a few other girls on September 6th, leaving mine unanswered.

The last I heard about the night skirts was in a comment by estradizione, who was also waiting for her skirt. (Edit: She received hers last week. A glimmer of hope!)

If it's impossible to get the night colourway, I would accept either of the two other colours. I would just like some kind of update on my order. Thanks in advance for any information!
Chi Ponders

Is Aristokitty sold out on reserve?

There is no more opportunity to get aristokitty in the jsk or skirt on btssb's site. There is a message where the button used to be. I'm guessing it is all sold out. Am I correct?

I tried to translate "sold out" into Japanese and look for matching characters, but I found none. It could be that what I found is a literal translation, but the actual translation has no direct translation into english.

Question answered, Thanks!!

What should I look for in a seamstress?

I'm searching for a good (local) seamstress to alter a brand OP. I'm not asking for help in looking for a specific seamstress, but I would like to know: What should I look for in a good seamstress to alter my beloved piece of burando?

I know exactly what needs to be done with the OP so I can tell the seamstress directly, but I'm still worried as to how someone may react to a non-mainstream dress. My greatest fear is that I'll unwittingly take it to someone who will assume it's merely a costume and treat it as such.

I figure I should ask about scope of experience and if the proposed alteration would be too intimidating. Is there anything else I should check for? I'm mostly basing this off of meager experience I had with a family friend who was a seamstress (but is now unavailable).
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