September 22nd, 2010

Lolita Vlogging feedback

Alright, so as I've mentioned in posts previous, I said I was starting a Lolita vlog. 
After a few weeks, I got started and now I have one. It's called "Curious Looks" and my youtube username is MissAliceReed (same as above XD). I have two videos up right now (one is an intro), and am filming two more this week and have already planned what they're about.

I was wondering if there were things people would like to see talked about, or if they have any con-crit for it in general? I've posted similar questions before, but they didn't get much response so I'm hoping for a little more feedback this time. After all, I am making the Vlog for people like us, by people like us. :D

Also: I'm really looking to make this vlog accessible by both loli's and non-loli's in order to spread knowledge of the lolita community and fashion, without reinforcing bad stereotypes or misconceptions about loli's. One of my upcoming videos is going to address the misconceptions and disprove them-- like how Lolita fashion is known as sexual because of the name, or how Lolita's are all rich, catty girls. ((I'm going to address these and argue against them, obviously.))

So: any sort of feedback is greatly appreciated because I'm really doing this not only for my own enjoyment, but because I really do love the Lolita community and want to give back to it in some way, and also possibly help people better understand the fashion. :D
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take two

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EDIT - The penny has only just dropped that this isn't really supposed to be posted here and that outfit photos are more suited to daily_lolita. Apologies for being a bit slow on understanding the difference between the two comms.

boy cats can wear bows too, right?

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Haii! I'm looking for Souther California Lolita's to have a tea party with. 
I personally only know two out here, and I would love to know moar moar moar!
I'm a new loli, but ever since I was 14 I've admired it so muchnow, I'm 17, and I've finally been able to be one of the girls I've always admired!!
I really don't know much about anything still, but I'm always willing to learn!! -^0^-
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Make-Up Help

 So I wanted to get some suggestions. I want some pastel eyeshadows, eyeliner, false lashes, blush, foundation, and so on. I am I guess what you say "allergic" to normal make up so I wanna buy hypoallergenic. Any suggestions for good make up? 

i want to hear your stories!:D

Today, i had the best reaction i possibly could to wearing lolita. At school, a boy came and sat down nex to me, and started to talk to me like i was just a normal kid. The best part, this boy called me etheareal. BEST. REACTION. EVER.tell me your reaction stories! GOOD AND BAD.
Roridesu by x_highonlife

Shoes. OMG, Shoes.

Herrooo, everybahdyyy~

I've had quite an absence from this community o_o.

I do have a question about heels, which I'm sure come up everyday.

If you see a lolita in high heels (like, 3 or 4in.) but they're sweet and cute, would you 1337 and think to yourself, UGH WTF?

I only own one pair of Lolita shoes, so I have no idea about this. I has a picture.

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Lolita Wardrobe Pics please?


I'm designing my walk in closet to be just lolita (I have another closet I'm going to use for non-lolita clothes) and I was hoping some people wouldn't mind showing me their lolita wardrobe/room/whatever they designed lolita in their bedroom for some inspiration and help please <3

Thanks n_n