September 21st, 2010

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"The Guild"

 Don't know how many of you are Guild fans, but I just watched the 10th eppie of Season 4 and it seems like they are jumping on the lolita bandwagon. Somewhere around 7:18 (yep, that late in the vid) there is a cute girl wearing what looks like AP's Dreaming Macaroon. And she looked great! 


new girly :D


I'm British, female, 22...
Been interested in lolita for quite some time, the tension has been building for the past 6 years.

I went shopping today to add the finishing touches to my first lolita-esque outfit.

I say -esque because i'm pretty sure it's not quite right.

If you could take a look and give me some pointers I'd be really grateful!

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Now, I am going to snuggle with my Cake (he's a cat) and wait for the replies <3

I posted this on daily_lolita as well, sorry if you see it twice!
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Egl Feedback

Obviously egl feedback is still updating and sorting and whatnot, but if I wanted to change something about my feedback i.e. a link to alt. feedback changes, where do I ask to get it change?
If there isn't, shold there be a page to comment where we can ask to update/change?

sorry if it already exists and thanks
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Lace help?

I've start working on a couple sewing projects, and have used up all my good lace so now I am needing to find more. I know to use mostly cotton lace, but I like some of the more unique laces with the designs on them. The store I used to get my lace from, got rid of their fabric department so now I am need of a new place to find interesting laces.
Looking around I saw someone mention Cheeptrims briefly, and found a place online that had some intresting ones. I'm unsure though, just wondering if anyone knew more about either of these. I don't really know much about the online sewing stores, or lace so help would be appreciated.
The place I stumbled upon is :
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General Theme Post: Hairstyle Tutorials

Well, I don't think this has been posted on EGL before, so I thought you guys might enjoy. Keep in mind, these tutorials tend to work for people with really really long hair. (As in mid-back and beyond.)

These are video tutorials where you get to see everything. Ms. Paige does all of the hairstyles on herself, so you don't need a partner for this~ Enjoy~
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Slightly OT: Where do you shop when you're not buying Lolita?

We've all ordered from BTSSB, TaoBao and what have you, but sometimes when you're going for a toned down look or just want to wear something unique without paying $40 EMS, it's nice to order a dress from somewhere like Modcloth, or raid Sock Dreams for some badass tights. And of course how could anyone pass up some of the nicer accessories on Etsy?

What are some webshops you frequent which AREN'T Lolita specific? 

Right now I'm trying to pry myself away from Irregular Choice. I wish the exchange rate wasn't so dodgy.
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Probably very dumb question

So please bear with my idiocy.

I totally need (not want, NEEEEEEED. For a pirate outfit!) the blue/green version of everyone's favorite BL skirt, the pirate steampunk whatever lolita skirt. I was reminded of its existence by a post on D_L just now, and I said to myself, "Holy crap this is just what I've been looking for!!"

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ETA: Nevermind, I just found the tiny image on the English site. It must not have been loaded--I refreshed the list of skirts and scrolled down and there it was. Please don't mind me! I would delete this post but, yanno, it's bad manners and all. Thanks!
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Etsy Treasurys for you

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Cigar Box Purse?

 Good afternoon, everyone! For lack of a proper Loli purse, I'm making a cigar box purse!  

So, I was graciously given this awesome cigar box yesterday :
(except for some reason mine didn't come with a clasp)

I know I'll be lining it, and putting a small mirror on the inside of the lid, but I wanted your opinions on further embellishment/utility:

Should I decoupage or paint it, or leave it as is (except, of course, for at least a bit of trim)? My style is... kind of classic/sweet... I like sweet, but not sugary sweet. I usually end up looking like the child of Classic and old-school Sweet.

What kind of decoration would you like to see on it? any particular motifs/images/whatever?

Should I give it a handle or a strap?

Sorry about all the questions, it's been a long time since I made one of these, and I've never attempted to Loli-fy a cigar box, and I figured it might be fun to brainstorm a little and maybe get a few ideas... maybe I'll make this a regular hobby and start a line of Loli cigar-box purses!

Thanks! I look forward to your ideas!
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J-fashion Tour

Hi hi! I work with a company called Pop Japan Travel that creates tours to Japan with different themes. We're creating a fashion themed tour for next year and wanted to see if we could get input on what the community is interested in. We're drafting one up for September next year, so if you have any ideas let me know!

Some of the tour highlights we had in mind were: Attending a fashion show in Harajuku, visiting Alamode Market, shopping at brand name stores (of course), meeting with AYA (waloli designer), and dining at various themed cafes.
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Noctural Treasures?


Well, after scanning the memories and returning with but one entry, I was left to ask this question:

Has anyone ever purchased from Nocturnal Treasures before? YES I know it is a "Goth" shop but they have a Gothic Lolita line.  (And their use of Gothic Lolita as such is rather wearing on my nerves, to be honest.)

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Tea Party

Just curious to know who is attending the

Tues, Oct 5th from 6-8pm
Katie Murphy Amphitheater
Fred P. Pomerants
Art & Design Center 1st Floor

W/ a presentation of Gashicon
Graphic Illustrator for H.Naoto
+ Tokyo Rebel

Wanted to post this for any Lolitas who missed the lolita casting at FIT and wanted Tea Party information :) Hope to see you ladies there :D
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Taobao.. English?

Hey there,
I know this has proablly been asked before
(I looked around the last 80 posts but didn't see anything.. >3>)
I've been looking around the Taobao shops and really love their stuff,
and it's not that expensive at all! But when I go to checkout it's all in Chinese O.O
I tried using Google translator, but that only got me so far D:
Do you Lolita's know if there is some english Taobao sites?
Preferably "The Dream of Lolita" shop?
Thanks alot!
If this has been posted before, please let me know and give me a link,
then feel free to delete this post :)

By the way, if there are any South Korean Lolita's give me a shout out please!
I am an American who is studying abroad for one year :)) <3
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