September 19th, 2010

Coat question

Hello ^___^
I am considering buying a coat. I've already chosen a few, but I can't decide...
I was thinking mostly about this one:
but I'm not sure - is it coat for women? Because my mom told that it's for men >__< And I'm really confused now...
Please help me ;__;

Also I want to ask - do you think it will fit lolita? (I wear gothic lolita)
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Lolita - milky chan

Japanese fashion on Australia's Next Top Model

On the last episode of Australia's Next Top Model the four remaining girls were flown to Japan to experience Japanese fashion and modelling, they had a challenge to model some modern Japanese street fashion for Kawaii T.V. The show featured schoolgirl fashion, fairy kei, gal style and Lolita fashion. Mizuko even took one of the girls shopping to Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Here are some screenshots:
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Aaaaaand here is the episode to download if you're interested: ANTM season 6 episode 9 @ Megaupload 349mb

Whats wrong now Bodyline? :

So I wanted to browse Bodyline a minute ago to try and find an item that my friend had been ranting about, clicked the link, and got a 404 Browser Error screen. I tried typing in the website, and was lead to the same screen. Is anyone else getting the same problem? :<

Omaha Lolita Sighting

Me: A fumbling cashier at Hancock Fabrics who managed to knock every single display over in front of you.

You: A lolita in a rockin' (handmade?) purple JSK. 

I said I'd give you a shoutout here, so here it is.

Any other lolitas in the Omaha/Lincoln area?

Where to find Secret Shop in Shanghai?

I was told Secret Shop had an actually Shop in Shanghai! ( im not so sure how true this is)

Living in china for 4 years now, I have yet to come across it, but I have come across shops that have and has sold Brand ( authentic) items, and even came across SS shoes at one point mixed in with the lot: but they seem to close down fast, or move to a different location leaving me.......Lolita shop less:

Now I'm aware I can just use Taobao: but Im going to Shanghai for a week vacation and want to do some shopping: actual shopping:

I herd Secret Shop was in Shanghai: but i cant for the life of me seem to locate it anywhere:

Any help would be great if any of you know!

I have already done a search on EGL's Master list: Other lolita communities,Memorable Non-Online shopping Entries, and did a EGL search: No results:


So any help would be grateful.

Fusion of Raya and Mooncake Festive Outing

Hello everyone!
Recently, we had celebrated Hari Raya for all the Muslims and Mooncake Festive is coming up soon!

As usual, Malaysia Lolita Group will organize outings from time to time, if possible, every month once :)

Everyone is kinda busy and fully occupied with their schedule since it's festive season and the outing only ended up with 3 attendants; me, otaku_aiko  and Nana. Aiko let us to try on her dresses and we attempted to make snowskin mooncake hehe

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