September 17th, 2010



I noticed a lot of lolitas have Ball-jointed dolls. I was wondering where everyone buys their lolia-esque ones. :O To include the body and clothes please. <3

edit: if anyone knows good taobao sellers for BJD please tell me. I just want one for decoration, so I don't want to spend too much on it. :)


Hello, EGL. I'm here to ask about an article of clothing that people can never seem to decide if it's Lolita or not: Corsets~

Specifically, I was thinking of ordering this corset from Timeless Trends:

Of course, I would want to wear it with some of my Lolita ensembles, the only thing that worries me? It says it's made out of satin! So here are some of my questions:

Are corsets okay to wear in Lolita? Specifically more Classical and occasionally Gothic styles?
What about satin? The pictures make me think it's a high-quality bridal satin due to the limited shine in the pictures. I know shiny fabric should generally not be used in Lolita, but if it's a small amount of shine, is it instantly Ita?
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(U)Chicago lolis?

Hello everyone...

On Sunday, I'm leaving for my first year at the University of Chicago so I was wondering if there were any other lolis there? I've seen photos from Chicago meet ups and I'm really excited about the possibility to attend one in future so I would really like to meet some lolis from the area in real life...

Project Help

If it is not EGL related, please remove :)

I have a final project to do about a famous person based on your major and I chose the designer of Baby the Stars Shine Bright but on Wikipedia it says Akinori Isobe is it correct? Can't be too sure about Wiki lol

Also does he/she have any 'client list or exhibition list'? :/

Any help will be greatly appreciated :D Thank you~
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Winter boots for a classic loli

Hello, dears, I believe this is the first time I'm posting here. Been a lurker for a while, hopefully I'll be getting more active :)

So, I've started collecting my lolita wardrobe for a while now and with the winter coming (which I hear is going to be even harsher than last year (which was pretty much your lashes freezing when you went out!) I fear that I'll have to stop wearing it just because of lack of winter boots! Which is ridiculous. Collapse )
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