September 16th, 2010


The Western Lolita Project

 Hello again everyone, I have returned for more assistance on my current graphic design project!

   I'm working on a two page magazine spread on the western lolita community. For this I'll need write a rather lengthy essay and I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to start it.
   I have written a rough draft that is about a page long, but this being so close to me I feel it must be perfect in all ways. I was thinking of beginning with a quote, possibly from a lolita designer or from a fairy-tale. My deadline is very very fast approaching so I would greatly appreciate the help.

I posted a few weeks ago asking for title suggestions for the article, I would LOVE more suggestions. Thank you everyone. ♥

Question about Misako Aoki

 I often see photos of girls in the lolita community having meet ups, at which Misako Aoki is present, I had talked to a friend of mine in the Lolita community of the country I just moved from and she said that you can contact the Japan embassy of your state or country or whatever and request to have Misako come to your meet up

I was not sure whether this was true or not and so I wanted to know if there is a way to have Misako present at your tea party or not. 
I <3 TLV

Circle lenses and wigs

There are often group orders for circle lenses from several different brands - I'd like to get a pair, and from what I've seen all brands offered have people who have been happy with them. Does anyone know if there's any brand in particular known for being the highest quality? Or are they all pretty much the same? If you have a photo of yourself wearing any from a brand you love - especially in purple - I would love to see it as well!

Also, here's a totally unrelated poll because I'm curious how many people wear wigs.

Do you wear wigs with lolita?