September 15th, 2010

Antoinette Gobelin JSK

Baby's San Francisco blog mentioned the Antoinette Gobelin JSK as being part of a lucky pack. but despite carefully browsing Baby's website, I still can't find which JSK they are talking about. Does anyone have a picture of it? Thanks!

(anyone have predictions on what the contents will look like?)
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Feedback page question

I didn't know where else to post this.  I've had feedback on my page for a week now that hasn't been added to the total at the top.  I also PM'd one of the mods there to have them change the link to my deviantart so it goes directly to the album of items with feedback, but it also isn't changed.  Is something wrong with the eglfeedback comm or are the mods just backed up?

I don't mean to be pushy but I've tried every other way I can think of to remedy the problems with my feedback page before I posted to the main comm.  I apologize if this is inappropriate or unnecessary.

Washing red dresses?

 Has anyone tried washing the RED version of this dress? 
I own the red one and am quite afraid to wash it cuz I've had TONs of disasters with colour runs >.<

Any tips/ experience with this dress/ other red dresses would be great!!


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Sell or dye?

I just received an HMHM tulle skirt I've been obsessing over for months. They were sold out in mint, so I went with "meal", which seemed to be a beige. It's not. It's a peach pink that goes with nothing else in my wardrobe. I've never dyed anything before, so I'm not sure if I should try to dye it navy or black, or if I should just sell it. Thoughts?

Bodyline GO? -answer found!-

Hello ladies!

I was wondering if anyone was planning on doing another Bodyline GO, as it seems the sale is still going on? (Skirts for $19, who can say no??) If so, I would very much like in on it.

If not, how many of you would be interested if I were to host one? I would divide the shipping as much as possible depending on how many girls wanted in and no service fee, but you would have to be responsible for payment from myself to you. (I am currently in GA, u.s.a.) I have never held a GO before, so I am not even sure if that would be reasonable.


(please note that I am not taking orders, I am just trying to gather some information, if this post is misplaced, I apologize!)

For anyone interested- There is a GO going on here:

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Help: Victorian Era

Other than stained glass and cut glass, can anyone tell me the element from Victorian era? I tried to do some research but I was not able to find anything. Tell me anything from fabric to deco. Anything that is related to Victorian era are welcome!

Thanks for reading and helping out!

Edit: Thanks for all the input and replies! I posted this question here because I figured that since lolita is inspired by Victorian era clothings, so maybe some of you might have enough knowledge to help me out.

Three of Swords: A "Victorian Serial Novel"

I happen to be subscribed to Alice's Tea Cup monthly e-mail.  They are a very lovely tea and scone establishment in the Upper West Side of NYC.  I always visit when I am in town.  Here is the web address:  And here is the Google info:   I recommend it as a nice, casual spot for tea and whimsy.

Now, for the point of my post... in the most recent Alice's Tea Cup email, they announced the winner of the monthly t-shirt design contest.  Her design is below and her bio stated: "Melissa Zayas is a graphic artist who graduated from the School of Visual Arts illustration department. She currently works in publishing, advertising and social media, and is the illustrator and co-author of the online Victorian serial novel Three of Swords."

Well, Alice looks "loli-fied" to me in this image.  And upon checking the website for this "online serial novel of Victorian magic," the female character is very "loli-fied" as well.  Here is the first volume of Three of Swords (with a girl on the cover in what looks to be tea parties ^_^).

The writing style is rather unique and I find the style of illustrations unlike most I've seen (more Westernized I suppose?).  Anyway, the point of this post is to share my find with you all in hopes that there are some who would appreciate a different sort of web entertainment with a Victorian flair.  Hope you enjoy.

Here is the Three of Swords homepage.

Is this ita?

Hi EGL! I have recently taken an interest in the lolita style. It's interesting to me but I cannot afford most of it. I found Bodyline but was shocked by how many ita dresses and accessories there were. I picked out some that I think are not. I need your honest opinions for this, don't sugar-coat it or any thing. Are these ita?Collapse )

Pink, Teal, Purple, and Blue

 So I have been there any pictures or people out there that have dark skin and pulled off the pink, teal, purple or blue hair and/or wigs? I absolutely love those colors and was wondering why can't dark skin pull it off too? I haven't tried it yet, but I would like to see if anyone has done this? I looked up brown skin and pink hair but have sadly found very little on the matter. How to's and etc always say that brown skin can't pull off light hair and blah blah but I think that's bullshark.

Anyone wanna help a loli out? ;^;