September 14th, 2010

Webshop with lolita?


My dad and I was thinking about creating a Japanese-clothing-webshop. But, what we don't know yet is what brands people would be interested in. I liked the idea about creating a lolita-shop.

So, here's our question:
What brands (lolita-brands) would you be interested in buying, if I could be any brand? 
We are located in Denmark.

Thank you for your time.
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France post problem?

Dear EGL,

I hope you can help me with something. I ordered something from the Paris AP and they sent it to me with "COliposte" But my status has been on the same thing for 5 days and I tried to translate it, but it meant something that it couldnt leave the post? It was really strange so I would like some help or explaination what is happening.

This is what it keeps saying:

thanks alot.

It said this "Your parcel is ready to be shipped. It has not been taken on by La Poste yet."
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So Many Shoes and Art?

I know this is asked a lot, sorry sorry sorry. But there's more besides this as well. Promise.

I've had these really cute pink heels for a long while and I've had pretty much only one outfit it matched.
But they also kinda match a dress that I'm making.
Do you think they're a little too "flirty" for lolita?

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Good Morrow Pretty Loli's^^ Hyper Japan???

Hi everybody^^ This is my first post yay! I think everybody on here look so elegant and pretty which makes me even prouder to be lolita^^

My question I want to ask is what is Hyper Japan about? Do they sell lolita clothes? Who has been before and what was there overall experience? And who is going this year?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go but none of my friends are into japanese culture and I don't really want to go on my own.

I really look forward to hearing your comments, have a lovely day everybody^^


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Has anyone here bought & received this Kidsyoyo dress?
I'd love to see more pictures of it worn, especially the bodice. The middle row of chiffon gathering along the neckline seems to bunch up awkwardly towards the sides/sleeves :s
Also, if you happen to have it in cream, could you please confirm the colour? It looks very much pale yellow (rather than 'kinari'/antique white) in the pictures.

Rakuen Fashion?

Lolita is a simply amazing style, and I wish I had the money and resources to incorporate more into my everyday. As that is sadly not the case, I don't know all that much about it, but I wanted to get a Lolita dress for an upcoming event. After much perusing of the internets, I found this, and I think it's gorgeous: Not knowing whether to trust the site, I have tried to look up, but the information I've found is very mixed. Has anyone bought from them recently and could provide a review of some sort? I'd like to know whether or not the site is reliable, and if the quality is good for the price.

On an unrelated note: If I were to buy this dress, does anyone know where I could find a cool pair of shoes, preferably boots, that would match well and be relatively cheap? =3
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Cuuuute camera

So I came across this adorable little camera that is cookie themed!


Shoots up to 300 stills, and also shoots video! High res is 640x480, and the video is AVI with no sound.

Not the BEST camera, but for 40$ it's too cute to not have.