September 13th, 2010


A traveling i will go!!!

Hey folks! miscy  here! I've started a little travel blog since i love to go to new places and meet new people. It probably will only get updated when i have a chance to go someplace new, but i've added my basic lolita traveling tips to the top entry and have started my write up for australia, which will include sydney and melbourne overviews ^^ hopefully the locals don't mind my outsider's view of the places i go, but i thought it might be a fun project.

Traveling Tips

Australia!!! (so far ^^;)

any tips or thoughts on the places i've mention so far would be more than welcome! also any links i should add etc. :)

Comfortable Shoes?

Specifically comfortable walking shoes! I'll be traveling to San Francisco in December for my honeymoon (yaay!!) and want to wear my new AP Milky Planet skirt out and about, but my fiance and I will be walking everywhere. My question to you is this - is it possible to find cute, lolita~esque shoes that will match my skirt AND be comfortable to walk in for hours on end? Thank you for any help! :)

Wondering about gothic and classic...

 Hi, I was a sweet lolita for a very long time and recently quit  the style completely to explore different fashions. I have now returned, but am much more interested in Gothic and classic than in sweet, I was ready to begin building my wardrobe in these styles, but I realize I do not know the first thing about either other than Gothic includes lots of black and Classic has what muted colours and floral prints..??? 

Really I would just like advice on where to start. 

Thanks <3
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Themed intro

For a while now, I've been stalking this community, and I've joined now partly because I like to feel included but mostly because I'm beginning to feel creepy.  I've been into gothic fashion for about eight years, and studiously ignored lolita for reasons I'm not really clear on (probably some kind of snobbery). But in the last couple of years, I've begun a kind of illicit affair. On the outside it's corsets, velvet and pointy boots, but deep down inside there's a creepy little girl in a frilly dress.

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Heading to Krakow soon.....Meetup anyone?

I've been in a few cities in Poland by now and at the moment I'm in Olsztyn. This country has a such an amazingly rich culture and history! I've seen so many incredibly beautiful and/or historically significant things in Warsaw especially the Royal Palace. The room where I listened to the classical concert made me feel like I was in a dream. I wore my swan lake JSK there and got some great photos!

In a couple of days, I'll be in Krakow. I'm kinda getting a tour of the country here, lol. I heard that there were more lolitas in Krakow, so if anybody wants to hang out, let me know and perhaps we can get our schedules to mesh. I'll have my fiance with me. He helps me get around in the city and understands the language much better than I do. He's quite friendly, so hopefully his presence is okay with you.

We have our own transportation. We could go drink some tea at a cafe or check out a movie. I'm open to other suggestions as well =D

Beta test period of new sales guidelines: 14 Sep - 14 October

Starting tomorrow we will enter a beta test period of some new sales guidelines. On October 14th (a month from now) we will run some more polls and get feedback on what you all thought of the new rules, and see if they'll stay, be modified or trashed completely. Do not freak out if you do not like the new rules. This is just a test period. Come the end of the test period, we would be happy to hear your input on the matter. Please read the new rules carefully.

Please read this post on EGL_comm_sales here.

Looking for PST mods for sales and EGLFB

Looking for North American timezone mods for egl_comm_sales  and eglfeedback . I know I've posted this on egl but I figured if you don't read this community you're not exactly what we're looking for :P Thank you very much to all the Europeans who applied over the past few months, but we're really low on people who are up at 1am-8am GMT! If you're interested, here's the job description:

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Identify this Dress/ Vouch for this website (Answered!)

Well for the most part, thanks to everyone who weighed in. It's official Miccostumes is a bad place and possibly a Milano front and the dress is most likely from the MM brand and no longer made. Thanks again for helping me clarify all this!

Hello everyone,
 Just a couple of questions and I'll move out of your way.
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Thank you to any who can help!
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