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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
September 12th, 2010 

Something I did just for fun after my lolita library shoot that I posted a while back. Please don't mind my randomness. I'm not a very good dancer. OTL

PS: Feel free to visit my blog! :)
Maki, Candy, Wonder Trip
Hey everybody! I haven't posted in a while...but I'm back! Anyways, wanted to share this with all the US lolitas because after I found it on the USPS website I thought of the awesome possibility of lolita postage stamps! :D

Custom Postage Stamps!
key ※ rainbow
Does anyone have a photo of this bodyline jsk in beige, as well one of it in off-white? The stock photo doesn't show the off-white very well, and I'd like to compare the two.
ninja dropping
A bunch of lolis got to see my submission for Sweet Streets 2 yesterday in person, but for everyone else, I'm happy to be able to finally share them with you.

This is my tale of two sistersCollapse )
So I received the confirmation order for my Bodyline order that I spent $95 on according to the website. The confirmation email says I spent $119. Which I KNOW I did not. What is happening?
wonder party
Lullaby Moon @ GasWorks Park!

My photos are limited, but on Friday night the wa_lolis group met up for a public performance art creation called lullaby moon. It was rather glorious. So many great outfits, that I unfortunately didn't get many photos of, but so many good snacks and sweets and tea (thanks to Aimee & Chris for the tea!!!) We all got pinwheels and ended up dancing around on the stage in a giant circle at the end. Super magical!

cut for magicCollapse )
08:26 pm - help please :3
Also while I am here, does anyone have the stock photos for:
AP mint millefeuille JSK
AP mint ladyrose JSK (the one with the row of bows)
Merta pink heart leopard skirt
Thanks!Questions about these ling_lam bootsCollapse )
Hi, has anyone dealt with SparrowClothing on Etsy?

Their clothes look really nice, their prices are cheap and their pictures are photoshopped, so I'm skeptical.
08:41 pm - Krakow meet up
Beth bunny
We had a small meet up in Krakow, Poland today. We went to a cupcake cafe and took a stroll around the Old Town.

10 photos ahead!Collapse )
I'm sorry if this is off topic or a misplaced post, but I have been looking for the name of this print for a while, and was hoping the people in this community could help me.

Here is the picture:Collapse )

Thank you in advance for your help. ^o^;
Hello , this is my first time posting to this community, though I have lurked for quite some time, I have always loved Sweet and gothic Loli, but the hardest thing for me is finding stuff in my size. I am a 26 pants size in womans USA, and an XXL in blouse size, and I can not find a gosh darned thing. Has anyone else ever found anything around those sizes? I have all the stockings, shoes and accessories I can wear but no skirt or blouses... :/

Am I just outta luck unless I make my own?
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