September 12th, 2010

wonder party

Seattle Lullaby Moon Meet Up Pix & Videos!

Lullaby Moon @ GasWorks Park!

My photos are limited, but on Friday night the wa_lolis group met up for a public performance art creation called lullaby moon. It was rather glorious. So many great outfits, that I unfortunately didn't get many photos of, but so many good snacks and sweets and tea (thanks to Aimee & Chris for the tea!!!) We all got pinwheels and ended up dancing around on the stage in a giant circle at the end. Super magical!

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Plus Sized Lolita [Like REALLY plus sized]

Hello , this is my first time posting to this community, though I have lurked for quite some time, I have always loved Sweet and gothic Loli, but the hardest thing for me is finding stuff in my size. I am a 26 pants size in womans USA, and an XXL in blouse size, and I can not find a gosh darned thing. Has anyone else ever found anything around those sizes? I have all the stockings, shoes and accessories I can wear but no skirt or blouses... :/

Am I just outta luck unless I make my own?