September 11th, 2010


an*tai*na and petticoats

Hihi everyone, few days ago i got my shoes from ebay for £5 bid and i won lol of course, and i was really shock that its an*tai*na size 7.5 and they fit perfectly on my feet :3 and since then i have been looking very hard to find the website to get the shoes, so everyone on elg do you know the website to get these shoes? And also i have been looking for a perfect petticoat as well. So i would like to know from everyone where can i get the best petticoat, what kind of petticoat is best for a skirt, dress and jsk and can i get one from the UK or a website?

thank you for reading and i would like to heara from all of you out there.


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Does anybody go to Akron University?

If this is supposed to be posted somewhere else I apologize deeply, this is my first post not only on EGL but on LiveJournal. As I said you can remove this post if it's not allowed to be here.

To the point: I just started going to Akron University under a special program (I'm a ninth grader) and because of this if there is anyone who goes there I wouldn't actually be able to meet you, but I was wondering if any Loli's go to the University of Akron (Ohio). Well, thanks. ^_^

Darkening light eybrows?

Hey EGL, I've recently been getting into wearing wigs. Whenever I look for them online, however, I try to find something that will cover up my eyebrows since they are a orangeish-blonde due to my orangey red hair. Now there's gotta be a way around this, since I'm missing out on adorable styles and colours. Is there any way to darken eyebrows to a darker, more natural colour? I'm not very fond of/good at pencilling in. Is there a way to dye them? Also, what colour do you think would be most suitable? A light or dark brown, even a black? 

Any help is super-appreciated.
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Magnetic Brooches

I was just wondering if other lolis who make brooches and stuff had thought of this idea before. I love the effect brooches can have but hate using them myself because they poke permanent holes in my clothing, but then I came across this:

I guess there are magnetic brooches! One side goes inside your clothing and the other on the outside, and the two magnets sandwich the clothing and the brooch stays in place, pin-free!

Just an idea for you crafters. Especially for brand-buying lolis, I'm sure it'd be a MEGA plus to not have to poke holes in your expensive burando. I'd LOVE to see brooches like these up on the comm sales and such. =P Then I'd be able to wear brooches without worry.

So what do you guys think? Have you heard of these before?