September 10th, 2010

sby, famiko

A "Lolita through the Years" Baton/Meme I made!


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Feel free to answer this baton~ if anyone would like to translate it for a Japanese audience, please contact me!


EDIT: wow so many answers in such a short space of time~! Thank you everyone so far - very interesting responces!

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Very Short Hair + Pirate Lolita. Help?

Next weekend, I plan on wearing a sort of punky pirate lolita outfit. However, I used the search function for short hairstyles and didn't come up with much other than "cute clips and bows" and lots of pictures of people with chin length bobs and short-banged pixy cuts.

My hair is quite short. I can't recall seeing a lolita with a similar haircut, aside from Novala. While I could just slap a cute clip on it and call it a day, I would rather first like to see if anyone here has similarly short hair and/or can share any styling suggestions to "girl it up" more.

What my hair looks like:
Unstyled, just how it naturally dries
Spiked a bit, showing short layers

Thank you!
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Mini me

Lolita VS. The World: Interviews

NOTE: I have permission to post this from Laiferr! :D

Greetings, fellow lolitas! On my blog, I've decided to begin a new series of posts called Lolita VS. The World which studies the prejudices against lolita. I know this has been done many a-times before, but I want to give my opinion on it now. However, I'm looking for some lolitas to interview for the first few posts. Read below for more information!

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EDIT: I cannot receive messages from anyone but mutal friends for some reason. So, please post your answers to the question on the post I made specifically on my wall for Lolita VS. The World. Thank you.

EDIT!! The introduction or pre-chapter to the Lolita VS. The World series is up! Please comment and tell me what you think and any ideas for the next chapter. :D Thanks.
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Cage skirt question


I was pondering where to get a quality cage skirts? Ones that stay in shape that are not made of zippers or elastic fabrig? I don't mean stainless steel either this time though it would be cool. Something more practical. But where to get one? Suggestions please!

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(no subject)

I feel like a total idiot asking this, but the search function did me no good. A question about Bodyline and "order numbers" under the cut. *Edit* They wanted the Paypal Invoice ID- finally got my shipping code! Thanks guys.
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Raine Normal

Another case of photo stealing...?

I happened to notice the website for Dream Shoppe, and saw that they sell a lot of Victorian Maiden items. I researched it and realized that they do take orders for Victorian Maiden, therefore it must be legit. However, I saw a couple other items on their website that bothered me.

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Silly photoshopped pictures

We took some more green screen pics at the August monthly meetup in SF and here's the results after a bit of playing around in Photoshop. Keep in mind I superfail at Photoshop, these were just for fun. What do you guys think?

Challenge- share your own cheesy photoshopped lolita pictures. No photoshop, no problem- How about edited in Paint?

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