September 8th, 2010

Theme Post: Sailor Moon Inspired Dress

  Hello girly girls!  About a month ago I started to design a Sailor Moon inspired dress to make.  I am pretty happy with the way the sketch came out.  Take a peek.
What do you think?  Any suggestions or critiques?
  I am thinking right now that the dress is going to be navy blue with white trim.  But, that may change when I go to the fabric store.  I will be posting more when I color the sketch and sew it on my blog.
You can read more on my blog,

 Click on the banner and look around!  I hope you love it.
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Sewing: Shirred Bodice Question

I’m planning on making my own dress and I want the bodice to be completely shirred. So I was wondering how much larger to make the bodice to make room for the shirring. I’m a sewing size 10, so I should I make the bodice piece size 11 or 12 or 13?


Thanks for the help~!

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Metamorphose Winter Collections

Hi everyone, just wanted to mention that Metamorphose has updated their website with their new winter collection (Victoria Princess, Velveteen Series, Winter Coats, and two new items for Crown Label). Look at the lovely new stuff here. I have also sent in an inquiry about the maximum bust size for the OP for the Victoria Princess collection as 34 inches seems quite small for something with so much shirring. I'll edit the post with that information once it comes in. :D Have fun looking!
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Price and size of twinkle mermaid skirt

Hello, does anyone knows the measurement of AP Twinkle mermaid skirt? Because it's my dream loli-item but since I'm 1.65m tall and I have 75cm of waist I want to be sure that it fits me before start searching it. I was also wondering about its price (I'm interested in the blackXpastel skirt).
Thanks in advance :)
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Metamorphose Velveteen Pinafore Dress stock images

I'm on the hunt for stock photos of this, particularly in the white/off white colorway. I have checked in the obvious places already but haven't had any help so I have my fingers crossed that someone has it in their personal stock collection. After doing some searching I believe that it comes from a 2005 collection. Thank you for any help!

(no subject)

not sure if the Sing Tao Vancouver News paper got posted here but here's more info
might need google translator traditional chinese->english
here's my post and link to it ^_^
Shiena and me*CLICk*

well technically the media guy was doing this for anime convention in vancouver
so the article was about lolita and anime convention
the reporter was much more interested in us lolis then them anime. since the point of the interview was both of us but yea lets talk about loli more and side note the conventionXD
so !
score one for loli!