September 5th, 2010

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Bodyline heart buckle shoes question

I know that these types of posts bother some, but I'd rather not buy something I can't wear. Yes, I've heard that the heart buckle shoes run big. I've also found a few sales posts that say they are an accurate size. There are two different versions of them, and the posts that show pics of them are of these in various colors:
I'm considering these:
I have a sort of odd foot size, so I need to take into consideration the width also, which I haven't been able to find anything about. If you own them, will you please tell me the length and width of the size you bought? Thanks for any help you can give me :).
Dr. T'Soni

Ms. Yumi Fujiwara (Innocent World) announced as guest of honor at PMX

Copy and pasted from the official Pacific Media Expo site:

"PMX is pleased to announce our first Fashion Guest of Honor for this year: Innocent World and the label’s designer, Ms. Yumi Fujiwara!

Innocent World is a Japanese clothing brand best known for their classic Lolita styled designs. They are one of the forefront Lolita labels in Japan currently featured in the latest volumes of Gothic & Lolita Bible and KERA. Having just begun selling to overseas customers in May 2009, Innocent World will be making their debut appearance outside of Japan at PMX 2010. We are very excited about their participation and hope everybody will come meet them. Come see them and shop for their unique designs in our Fashion Hall!"

More details about the event at pmx_fashion

How exciting! I hope to see some of you there. ^^

PMX 2010 Event Announcement & Registration Info

It’s matsuri time!

PMX Fashion is proud to announce our newest event, the Starlight Fashion Festival! Come join us for an evening of games and prizes, photos and fun!

You can dress up in your finest and stroll around enjoying the evening with your fellow PMX attendees. Come meet and mingle with the Fashion Guests of Honor and get your photograph taken with them at our souvenir photo booths. Try your luck at one of our brand-sponsored game booths to win event-exclusive and brand prizes!

The entrance fee to the Starlight Fashion Festival is only $10.00 and can be paid for when you register for your PMX badge. You can register for the Festival here. *Note: For those that have already purchased their PMX badge, you may add on the entrance fee to your purchase. Registration will also be available at con. Attendees can purchase and exchange game tickets to participate in the various games and activities.

Along with our event announcement comes our first Guest of Honor, Innocent World, and their talented designer, Ms. Yumi Fujiwara! This will be Innocent World's debut appearance in the U.S.

Innocent World will be participating in the Starlight Fashion Festival by hosting their own game booth, where you can win brand-exclusive prizes! Mingle with guest designer Ms. Yumi Fujiwara and try your hand at the ring toss!

PMX 2010 is also delighted to bring you the opportunity to shop at the new La Foret style PMX Fashion Hall for your next outfit to show off. Or, find yourself a neat ensemble with options by buying, selling, and trading at our first ever PMX Fashion Swap Meet! And don’t forget, the PMX Fashion Show is back for another exciting opportunity to spot the latest designs of J-fashion that is free for all badge holders! Front row seating for the fashion show will be available at additional cost.

Keep an eye on our journal for further announcements!

Details at the Pacific Media Expo Official Site

Sorority Life

Has anyone seen the lolita outfit that's a part of the Facebook app Sorority Life? They're doing a Tokyo event (like it's previous Paris one). In the Tokyo store for 3,200 Yen you can buy this, it's called the Lolita Skirt and Top.

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Rocking Horse Shoes, but I have big feet~

So yes I have a love of RHS shoes, but I can never seem to find any in a size that would fit me.

I wear a size 10 in women's in USA, and for Bodyline shoes, I wear a 27, but it's a little big b/c it is bodyline shoes...

I saw that Qutieland has RHS shoes, and I would buy them, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to vouch for their sizing? Like if they run big or small.
Also, if anyone knows another sight that would have RHS shoes for bigger sizes, let me know please. :)

my wedding dress

 Hello!! I posted in here awhile ago about a wedding dress... probly dont remember me i was also part of this community years ago as littleblackraincloud.

Anywayssss I just got engaged a few weeks ago!! And for my dress I'm not settling on anything less than what I imagined... does anyone know how to sew their own dresses or for others if I give a few pictures of what I'm looking for? I will for sure pay you!! Please let me know...

I'm also thinking something along the lines of hime gyaru for my bridesmaids if anyone knows how to sew that type of style... or even if anyone knows of an online shop that ships worldwide and is in English!!

Any help would be appreciated, thaaaankss!! n_n
gothic frills/Ciel Phantomhive

MMM size question

Hello all,

and please forgive me if this is an obvious question, but I'll quickly delete the post and get out of your hair when I have the answer. :) I did look at the FAQ before posting and it didn't say anything about a collective sizing post anywhere, so I hope this is OK.

I'd like to buy this dress..

..from MMM, and it only comes in Size 2. Now, I was wondering if anyone knows/owns it and knows if it happens to have shirring that'll stretch around 101cm bust and 84cm waist, or not.

That is all! ^^

loki <3
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Soulpancake Japanese fashion article.

It's really cute. There's a video interviewing many different people from the different areas of "Japanese Fashion." They're asked different questions on how it makes them feel, and how long they have been in that lifestyle. Maybe the lolita from the video is part of egl... does anyone know?

P.S. The co-editor of this website just got married, and she had an adorable handmade wedding featured on etsy. Check it out! (Non-lolita)

oxford lolita meetup

me and some people planned a meetup in oxford . it is happaning on the 18th and we are meeting at the train station at 12. we are going to go to

alice shop
mr simms sweet shop
christ church  for a photo shoot
somewhere to eat (planning that when we meet up)
and maybe g&ds for some icecream 

this was also posted in loligothuk